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LASIK Eye Surgery Demystified

Have you thought about having LASIK eye surgery? May be you know someone who has gotten it done and they have told you what to expect. Are you still nervous about making the decision to have your eyes permanently reshaped? Knowing what will happen during the surgery will help to alleviate these fears that you have.

The surgeon will be using a large machine that is attached to a microscope, a computer and the laser.

The second reason for the first couple of visits to the doctor is to assess your personal health history, to see if you are a viable candidate for the procedure. The doctor will be looking for things such as a change in eyewear prescriptions with in the past year, a history of Glaucoma, thin corneas and previous eye injuries. These are a few of the possible issues that will keep you from becoming a good candidate for the operation.


You will be given an eye drop that has a numbing agent in it and your eye will be cleaned. After the cleaning your eyelid will be held open by a specialized speculum, this will prevent blinking. A ring will be placed over the cornea, this will be an applied using high pressure to lift the cornea off the eye, this may feel slightly painful.


It is important to stop wearing your contacts several weeks before these tests are performed. Contact lenses can temporarily change the shape of the cornea; the doctor will need to see them in their natural state. This will help the doctor to get an accurate measurement of the cornea, therefore an accurate measurement as to how much needs to be removed for the best vision possible.


When the cornea is in place, the surgeon then cuts the cornea to permit the laser access to the eye. Now it is time for the laser to do its job, the exact measurements of how much needs to be removed to correctly reshape the eye was programmed into the computer from the tests that were done in the office.


Before you even get to the operating room, you will undergo some tests with an optometrist. These tests are designed to let the surgeon know how much work the cornea needs to have done. These tests will serve two purposes; they will of course assess your eyes and eyesight to see if your particular situation can be fixed.


The computer stops the laser at the exact time that the right amount of tissue has been removed. That's it; the LASIK eye surgery is complete. The doctor will then put a patch over the eye to protect the cornea during the healing process. Most people are back to work and normal routines with in a couple of days to a week, but your doctor will be able advise you regarding your personal situation.


John Mancini has been writing about Eye Surgery online and offline for a long time. Visit or to read more about matters like eye surgery and laser eye surgery.


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LASIK Surgery - How The Excimer Laser Works


The Excimer laser is a form of ultraviolet chemical laser, and is the key element that has made laser eye surgery possible. Though Excimer laser was originally used in semiconductor manufacturing in the 1970s, its use in eye surgery is now fairly widespread. While working at the IBM research laboratories in 1982, Dr. Rangaswamy Srinivasin and his research team discovered the potential of the Excimer laser in interacting with biological tissue. An ophthalmologist, Dr. Steven Trokel, explained its connection with the corneal tissue. And this was how LASIK eye surgery came into existence.


There are several types of lasers, but excimer is the preferred choice when it comes to corrective eye surgery. This is due to the fact that excimer is the most technologically advanced laser type. The excimer laser is, literally, a cool laser. That is, it precisely removes the desired part of the corneal tissue, without heating up or damaging the adjacent tissue. Quite amazingly, the excimer laser is so precise that it is capable of removing 0.5% of a human hair's width at a time. That fact itself is enough for patients to believe that excimer-assisted eye surgery is not a gimmick, but a true technology leveraged procedure.


Your eyes are your window to the world and your sight is the most important of the five senses. Hence, it is all the more imperative that, if need be, you go for an eye surgery that is reliable and has minimal side effects. With the high-precision technology of the excimer laser and the overall reliability of the procedure, LASIK is the most prevalent of corrective eye surgeries.


Nicola Kennedy publishes articles and reports and provides news, information and views about Lasik Eye Surgery and the background and history of laser eye surgery at Your Lasik Information.


LASIK Surgery- Complications and Risks

The popularity of LASIK surgery is soaring. It is considered to be a surgery with little or no risks associated with it. Therefore, people seem to make rash decisions when considering having the procedure done. To think that a surgery of any type, no matter how minor, does not have possible complications is at best naive, at worst it is complete stupidity. This is especially true of a surgery that is conducted on your eyes.


With the computer technology at its disposal and the precision offered by the laser, LASIK surgery has emerged as the number one choice for patients with refractive error. Since the excimer laser emits cool, minute beams that make precise incisions on the surface of the cornea, a dedicated technician operates the machine while the ophthalmologist performs the surgery.


Another common complication that can arise from the LASIK surgery is the condition known as dry eye. This is when the eye does not produce enough tears to keep the eye moist. There are people that have this issue without ever having LASIK surgery; however, there is a very high incident rate among recent patients after the surgery. Most people do experience some relief from dry eye after about a month or so into the healing process. However, for most patients, the symptoms do not disappear entirely.


Talk to your surgeon about all of the risks that are associated with the LASIK surgery. You will need to weigh them against the potential gains in your self-esteem and even perhaps the future savings of not having to purchase glasses or contact lenses. Your doctor will be happy to talk to you about these potential problems and let you know how you can help to avoid having them happen to you. There are a fair amount of people that complain of distorted vision as a result of the LASIK procedure being performed. These complications include seeing halos around objects, blurred vision, and an increased difficulty seeing in adverse conditions such as nighttime or foggy weather. This is because of the diminishing contrasts in colors in these types of situations.


The most obvious danger with any surgery that is being performed on your eyes is the loss of sight. This is also true with LASIK eye surgery, although it is not a very common consequence. A more common issue with this procedure is actually the partial loss of vision. This includes losing bands of sight on the reading chart, if this happens the use of glasses or contacts will not be able to correct the situation.


John Mancini has been writing about Eye Surgery online and offline for a long time. Visit or to read more about matters like lasik procedure and lasik surgery.

Why Does The Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery Vary?

As far as the cost of LASIK eye surgery is concerned, the only worldwide standard is that prices are quoted per eye. However, the cost depends on several factors and varies from one provider to another. A strong reason behind such a variation is that different providers perform different levels of pre-operative testing. A thorough pre-operative examination can avoid LASIK complications, and hence it's imperative to determine if appropriate pre-operative testing is included in the quoted price.


The cost of equipment used for pre-operative testing and surgery also varies, and this reflects in the overall procedure fee. Computer-controlled scanners to determine the exact shape of the cornea, eye tracking device, tear film analysis, the laser used to make incisions, and all other pertinent equipment vary in cost from one medical center to another.


However, with this new lasik procedure, patients can now have their eyes repaired to normal, or at least be repaired enough to comfortably wear contact lenses. Either way, their vision is enhanced and many are happy just to get rid of the glasses and finally be able to wear contacts, or possibly nothing at all.


A few unscrupulous practitioners may advertise their services at a discounted price. Don't be fooled if an ad says, "LASIK for $500 per eye". The truth is that not all patients are eligible for a discounted price. A particular patient may require an extensive refractive surgery in the first place, or frequent follow ups after the surgery. Furthermore, it is typically the case that a discounted price does not include the essential pre-operative testing. Hence, make sure what features are being offered for the quoted price. Cases have been reported where medical institutes have been found guilty of misrepresenting the actual cost of LASIK eye surgery.


As the popularity for LASIK eye surgery rises, so does the incurred cost. A leading refractive industry newsletter reported that the average cost for LASIK eye surgery in the second quarter of 2005 was 1,965 USD. The study was based on a comprehensive research of various medical facilities, ranging from regional practitioners to nationwide networks. Most insurance companies do not cover LASIK eye surgery, since they consider it as a cosmetic procedure.


People are tempted to choose a surgeon that offers a discounted price. But that may be an act of foolishness. The smarter thing is to choose the best surgeon available who has experience of this procedure. There is no point risking your vision for the sake of a petty few dollars. If in doubt you should seek further information.


Nicola Kennedy publishes articles and reports and provides news, information and views about theCost of Lasik Eye Surgery at Your Lasik Information.

FDA Approves Lasik Eye Surgery

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new custom lasik procedure in September of 2005. This new procedure can now treat many patients who were previously ineligible for the surgery. Nearsightedness Nearsightedness occurs when the eye is too long and light rays focus in front of the retina, instead of focusing on the retina. Some of the symptoms of nearsightedness are blurred distant vision, eyestrain, and squinting, along with having a difficult time seeing at night. Although nearsightedness can be easily fixed with glasses or contact lenses (when not too severe), many people don't like to hassle with either one. With this new lasik procedure, folks will now be able to have pure vision.



Astigmatism is the effect of the eye being shaped like a football, instead of round like a baseball. This deformity -- where the light rays focus on two points on the retina instead of one -- results in blurred vision, double vision, and shadows on letters when reading. Until recently, this deformity has prevented some people from even getting contact lenses. Breakthroughs in contact lenses have only helped those with slight astigmatism.



Farsightedness happens when light rays focus behind the retina instead of on the retina, resulting in blurred near vision. Some patients with severe farsightedness have to step back from what they are reading and others require magnifying glasses to see something that is right in front of them. People with farsightedness can see you 30 feet away, but when you get right up close they can't see you! This can be embarrassing and cause the afflicted person much insecurity along with the feeling that they are going blind. Farsightedness is easily remedied by wearing glasses to read and see things up close, but it's very inconvenient to constantly be taking your glasses on and off. Not only is it inconvenient, you take the chance of leaving your glasses behind. Some patients keep their glasses on a chain so they won't lose them, but this makes them feel old. Now, lasik surgery is another option for these patients.


New Laser Technology

The FDA recently approved the new Visx STAR Excimer laser system. This fantastic breakthrough in technology allows doctors to do more than they ever could before, giving them the ability to reshape the eye to correct astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness. Before this marvelous breakthrough these patients were not good candidates for lasik eye surgery. They now can join the rest of the vision impaired and have the option for lasik.


Recent FDA studies show that over 98% of all patients receiving these new procedures were seeing 20/40 or better 6 months after surgery. Over 84% were seeing much better than 20/20 after 6 months. Now that's reason to celebrate!


New breakthroughs in lasik eye surgery technology are happening all the time. Now people don't have to be inconvenienced by the hassle of glasses or contacts. All they want to do is to be able to get up in the morning and see normally. These breakthroughs in lasik technology are giving them an improved quality of life that once was unattainable.


Visit Lasik surgery to learn more. Ron King is a full-time researcher, writer, and web developer with a Website Here.

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