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Lasik Surgery Articles, Tips and Information

How To Avoid Complications With LASIK Surgery

As with any surgery, LASIK has a few complications. Scientific studies conducted in the late 1990s depicted that a meager 5% of LASIK eye surgeries resulted in some sort of complication. However, expert eye surgeons claim that the complication rate drops well below 1% if the patient is thoroughly examined prior to the surgery, so as to ensure that the procedure is feasible and beneficial.

The above stipulated complications may give an impression that LASIK is a risk-prone surgery.

Though quite rare, complications due to LASIK do occur. The following are some of the frequently reported complications of LASIK eye surgery.

- Dry eye syndrome

- Light sensitivity

- Halos or glare around light sources at night

- Over/under-correction

- Ghosts/double vision

- Induced astigmatism


LASIK eye surgery involves the cutting of a flap in the cornea, which is lifted for laser re-shaping of the eye. The flap is then replaced to form a type of natural bandage. Complications may arise if the flap is not cut correctly, which may result in an uneven eye surface and a vision defect called irregular astigmatism.


However, much to the patient’s relief, LASIK complications can be rectified through laser re-treatments or enhancements of the eye. Furthermore, it is very much a rare exception that a LASIK surgery would cause significant vision deterioration. That is, there have been only a scant few cases that the corrected vision was actually worse than it was before surgery. Such rare cases can be attributed to the eye surgeon’s inexperience and the lack of a through pre-operative examination.


Though LASIK does have potential side effects, all such complications can be averted by opting for an experienced eye surgeon who takes that extra precaution while performing the surgery. The truth is that LASIK is by far the most efficient procedure when it comes to corrective eye surgery. With a minimal complication rate, LASIK is a near risk-free proposition.


Nicola Kennedy publishes articles and reports and provides news, information and views about Laser Eye Surgery Complications at Your Lasik Information. The LASIK Surgeons Directory will help you find a LASIK doctor.


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Lasik Surgery - How The Excimer Laser Works


The Excimer laser is a form of ultraviolet chemical laser, and is the key element that has made laser eye surgery possible. Though Excimer laser was originally used in semiconductor manufacturing in the 1970s, its use in eye surgery is now fairly widespread. While working at the IBM research laboratories in 1982, Dr. Rangaswamy Srinivasin and his research team discovered the potential of the Excimer laser in interacting with biological tissue. An ophthalmologist, Dr. Steven Trokel, explained its connection with the corneal tissue. And this was how LASIK eye surgery came into existence.


There are several types of lasers, but excimer is the preferred choice when it comes to corrective eye surgery. This is due to the fact that excimer is the most technologically advanced laser type. The excimer laser is, literally, a cool laser. That is, it precisely removes the desired part of the corneal tissue, without heating up or damaging the adjacent tissue. Quite amazingly, the excimer laser is so precise that it is capable of removing 0.5% of a human hair’s width at a time. That fact itself is enough for patients to believe that excimer-assisted eye surgery is not a gimmick, but a true technology leveraged procedure.


Your eyes are your window to the world and your sight is the most important of the five senses. Hence, it is all the more imperative that, if need be, you go for an eye surgery that is reliable and has minimal side effects. With the high-precision technology of the excimer laser and the overall reliability of the procedure, LASIK is the most prevalent of corrective eye surgeries.


Nicola Kennedy publishes articles and reports and provides news, information and views about Lasik Eye Surgery and the background and history of laser eye surgery at Your Lasik Information. The LASIK Surgeons Directory will help you find a LASIK surgeon.


LASIK Surgery- Complications and Risks

The popularity of LASIK surgery is soaring. It is considered to be a surgery with little or no risks associated with it. Therefore, people seem to make rash decisions when considering having the procedure done. To think that a surgery of any type, no matter how minor, does not have possible complications is at best naive, at worst it is complete stupidity. This is especially true of a surgery that is conducted on your eyes.


With the computer technology at its disposal and the precision offered by the laser, LASIK surgery has emerged as the number one choice for patients with refractive error. Since the excimer laser emits cool, minute beams that make precise incisions on the surface of the cornea, a dedicated technician operates the machine while the ophthalmologist performs the surgery.


Another common complication that can arise from the LASIK surgery is the condition known as dry eye. This is when the eye does not produce enough tears to keep the eye moist. There are people that have this issue without ever having LASIK surgery; however, there is a very high incident rate among recent patients after the surgery. Most people do experience some relief from dry eye after about a month or so into the healing process. However, for most patients, the symptoms do not disappear entirely.


Talk to your surgeon about all of the risks that are associated with the LASIK surgery. You will need to weigh them against the potential gains in your self-esteem and even perhaps the future savings of not having to purchase glasses or contact lenses. Your doctor will be happy to talk to you about these potential problems and let you know how you can help to avoid having them happen to you. There are a fair amount of people that complain of distorted vision as a result of the LASIK procedure being performed. These complications include seeing halos around objects, blurred vision, and an increased difficulty seeing in adverse conditions such as nighttime or foggy weather. This is because of the diminishing contrasts in colors in these types of situations.


The most obvious danger with any surgery that is being performed on your eyes is the loss of sight. This is also true with LASIK eye surgery, although it is not a very common consequence. A more common issue with this procedure is actually the partial loss of vision. This includes losing bands of sight on the reading chart, if this happens the use of glasses or contacts will not be able to correct the situation.


John Mancini has been writing about Eye Surgery online and offline for a long time. Visit or to read more about matters like laser eye surgery and lasik surgery.

Unsure About LASIK? Alternatives to LASIK Surgery

It’s true that LASIK is one of the most prevalent types of eye surgery. However, a few people are either not comfortable with, or not suitable for surgery due to inadequate thickness of the corneal tissue. There are several alternatives to surgery, each possessing certain characteristics that make it more appropriate in a particular situation. The procedures may be different, but the key intent is to correct the vision. The following are a few of the major alternatives to LASIK surgery.


LASEK (Laser-Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratomiluesis) is a recent addition to the refractive surgery catalog. As noted above, the density of the corneal tissue is inadequate in some patients, and hence, LASIK is not a possible option for them. In such a scenario, procedures like LASEK or PRK (Photo-Refractive Keratectomy) can be viable alternatives. These procedures produce the same results but require less tissue removal when compared with the LASIK procedure. That is, a thinner flap is cut in the corneal tissue.


Surprisingly enough, not everyone is an ideal candidate for lasik or other refractive eye surgery. Because there is no long term data recorded regarding the long term affects of this surgery, if you are not fully confident in the procedure, this is likely not for you. You need to trust your surgeon and the techniques they use at all times. Although the cost of lasik surgery continues to go down, it is still not cheap and not covered by most health plans. You may have to do some budgeting before you go ahead with it.


Intraocular Lens Implant – In essence, this surgery is the same as cataract extraction with placement of a clear intraocular lens. The natural lens, the one having a refractive error, is extracted and replaced with a clear lens that provides clearer vision. This procedure is especially beneficial if the patient is suffering from hypermetropia (farsightedness) and that too with a high refractive error.


Spectacles or Contact Lenses – Glasses and contact lenses have been a popular choice for many years now. They are an affordable alternative to surgery. Spectacles or contact lenses are certainly a much safer proposition, since any sort of surgery has a potential for side effects and complications. There can be nothing as simple as wearing spectacles or contact lenses. With an elaborate series of new designs and makes, your spectacles can be strong fashion statement as well.


Don’t hastily jump on a conclusion. It is advised that you carefully examine all the above alternatives prior to going in for a surgery. Do your best to avoid any surgical treatment. If you suffer from a minor refractive error, one that can be easily corrected by wearing glasses or contact lenses, there is no point going in for a LASIK surgery.


Nicola Kennedy publishes articles and reports and provides news, information and views about Lasik eye surgery. The LASIK Surgeons Directory will help you find a LASIK surgeon.

Improve Your Vision With Lasik & Lasik Surgery

With the active lifestyles we lead today, people want to rid themselves of their glasses and contact lenses so many are turning to lasik surgery. Lasik is considered a surgical procedure with the objective of reducing your need for those glasses or contacts. Lasik actually stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis and is a procedure using an excimer laser to change the shape of your eye’s cornea, which is the clear covering in front. Basically, the surgery consists of cutting a flap in the cornea making sure to leave one end connected. With the use of a computer controlled, highly precise laser, a portion of the stroma is vaporized. The flap is put back in place for quick and relatively painless healing to occur.


So why is changing the shape of the cornea so important? The cornea is the part of the eye that helps create an image on the retina by focusing light. It basically works the same way as a camera lens. When vision is blurred or distorted, it often means that the shape of your cornea and your eye are not perfect and therefore when the light is refracted onto the retina, images come across as blurry. Lasik surgery is also referred to as refractive surgery with the goal of reshaping the cornea so that its focusing ability is improved to a point where glasses and contact lenses may no longer be required. Lasik results may not get rid of glasses or contacts completely, but there is a strong likelihood that your prescription will be significantly reduced moving you closer to 20/20 vision.


If you have had a new prescription is the past year, it is an indication that your eyes are unstable and therefore should wait before going ahead with any form of refractive surgery. If you suffer from autoimmune diseases such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, have diabetes or are on certain mediations, proper healing from the surgery may not be possible. Before you proceed, please consult with your family doctor and eye surgeon.


Amy-Jo Strutt is a successful writer and regular contributor to - An online resource to help you find the very best information on all forms of cosmetic surgery.

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