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Cure Help Health Tips Featured Video What is a Ketogenic Diet & Should I Be on One?

Stay Healthy! A ketogenic diet is a high-fat and very-low-carb diet that causes your body to generate ketones.

Ketones are byproducts of fat burning, so if your body is producing ketones, you are burning fat.

That sounds great, and it is! But, a ketogenic diet is not right for everyone.

In this video, I share the pros and cons of a ketogenic diet.

Also, while my husband follows a keto diet, I do not because of the three cons I mention in the video, namely, I like more variety in my diet, I don’t care for the bad breath aspect, and I don’t want to bother with the testing and tracking since my goal is maintenance, not weight loss.

In the video, you’ll learn:

*The interesting story of how ketogenic diets got their start
*When your body makes ketones
*The difference between a low-carb and keto diet
*How many carb grams you can eat on a keto diet
*The foods you have to eliminate when going keto

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