Weight Loss Psychology for Women: Powerful Strategies and Motivational Quotes to Ignite Your Weight Loss Success!

She takes the foundation of your mental fitness and mindset even deeper, offering more strategies and methodologies to strengthen your approach to a lasting mindset of love, self-forgiveness, and inner health that transcends to all aspects of your life. 

Here is a small sampling of things you will learn from this book:

  • How to plan ahead for your inevitable diet “slip-ups” to keep them from becoming anything more than a tiny bump in your self-care/weight loss journey 
  • Strategies for dealing with people who unintentionally or intentionally attempt to sabotage your efforts 
  • Motivational quotes to enhance your ability to deal with life crises and setbacks
  • The consequences of comparing yourself to others 
  • How gratitude and paying it forward is a powerful tool in the psychology of a better you 
  • Revisiting those pesky triggers and how to keep them under your control 
  • Recent research on habit and motivation…no, the reason you are overweight isn’t because you are weak and undisciplined! 
  • How weight loss is similar to a chess match! Yes, your brain and your strategies are the key! 
  • Having a plan but still keeping it simple! (Yes, you can!) 
  • So much more!

People who will benefit from this book:

  • “Yo Yo” dieters of all sizes 
  • People who have been overweight all their lives and don’t believe that they can ever change 
  • People who lost weight and have kept it off a while but find that it is getting harder to maintain 
  • People who are in good shape but concerned about the “middle-age spread” and want the mental prep to fight back 
  • People who have been told by themselves or others that they will never change and to just learn to live with being overweight 
  • People who have told themselves that is not even worth trying to lose weight anymore and have pretty much given up all hope 
  • People who are angry and/or disappointed in themselves for not being “strong enough” to reach and keep their weight goals 
  • Family or friends of people who are struggling to lose weight and would benefit from this book for inspiration and encouragement

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  1. Anonymous

    Awesome book! Amazing look! Wow! I like it! The introduction includes a Tips and Tricks, which are life-saving when a beginner! I had no idea the Instant Pot makes yogurt, and the saute function is fantastic! I hardly use any other cooking utensils (pots/pans). The Instant Pot is an appliance that’s a combination of the pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, and yogurt maker – all in one handy kitchen device. Using the Instant Pot saves you a lot of time. The 3-quart mini Instant Pot is perfect for when you want to…

  2. Anonymous

    Wow Honestly, this is women’s spirituality with emphasis on weight loss. It’s really nothing new at all, not for any woman who practices women’s spirituality. What is women’s spirituality? Well that’s a lot of ground to cover but I will say this, it’s definitely about the reclaiming of the Divine Feminine self, which includes her body. Loving fully her self as she is, which means also experiencing more joy in every way, as she realizes and sees herself as part of the Divine that is regarded only…

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