Vitamin Water Recipes

Everyday Vitamin Water Recipes: Natural and Healthy Drinks for the Whole Family

Plain water can be dull and boring. It’s a fact. That’s why we as a nation spend so much money on bottled drinks, which we all know aren’t the healthiest option for us.

Vitamin Water Recipes

So I’ve been experimenting relentlessly in order to find the best recipes that are fun and easy to make with minimal time investment but with all the health benefits. In this original recipe book you’ll find recipes ranging from quick and easy to more intricate and acquired.

Vitamin packed recipes for breakfast to dinner, for those warm summer afternoons to cold winter nights. All natural, healthy and delicious of course. Here are some recipes you can look forward to that I’m sure you’ll absolutely love!

Cinnamon and Apple, Fruity Punch, Apple-icious, Citrus Blast, Liquid Sunshine, Herbal Immunity. Once you’re done with this book not only will you have one recipe for everyday of the month but you’ll have enough knowledge to come up with your very own recipes.

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Vitamin Water Recipes

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