TUR LATTE – USDA Certified Organic Turmeric Latte Mix – 45 servings (6.3 oz) – by RAW AND ROOT – Makes Turmeric Golden Milk – Anti-Inflammatory, USDA Organic, Non GMO, Vegan, Gluten-free, Unsweetened

Make Delicious and Nutritious Golden Milk

Enjoy the amazing taste and healing benefits of our turmeric golden milk in a delightful non-caffeinated latte. A nutritious supplement that is easy to take, our turmeric powder organic is pre-mixed in the right amounts with black pepper, gotu kola, ashwagandha, and warm aromatic spices. All you need to do is simply add a milk of your choice, and a sweetener if you desire.

Time Honored Turmeric

Known throughout the ages as a powerfully medicinal spice, turmeric has been taken for its anti-inflammatory properties for ages. Now you can support your joints, immune and cardiovascular systems with a cup of our golden milk latte every day. Enjoy the delicious taste of Tur Latte while your body benefits from the anti-oxidants inside.

All Natural

Our Tur Latte is made with all natural ingredients that are organic, non GMO, gluten-free, and suitable for vegans and vegetarians. We strive to make each of our products with 10 ingredients or fewer, giving you simple, healthy options to enhance your health.

Best price value per serving

Includes 45 servings (total 180g). Get USDA certified organic turmeric latte mix for less than $0.50 cents per serving.

Experience one of the tastiest ways to enjoy the health benefits of turmeric now, by adding Tur Latte to your shopping cart.

Product Features

  • Flavorful Turmeric Latte Mix made with USDA Certified Organic Ingredients – Tur Latte is a rich and delicious turmeric latte mix that gives your body the extra boost it needs to fight inflammation and help you feel better. We also took YOUR feedback and adjusted the formulation slightly while retaining the aroma and taste of the original turmeric latte mix. You still get the same 45 delicious servings of TUR LATTE !
  • Enhanced Bio-Availability – Formulated with black pepper, Tur Latte golden milk mix increases the rate of your body’s ability to absorb and benefit from the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric.
  • NO Stevia, NO Sweeteners – You decide which sweetener to add and how much, or just enjoy it unsweetened. Sweeteners of choice; honey, coconut sugar, brown sugar, date sugar, maple syrup, jaggery, stevia, or others.
  • Healing Ingredients – In addition to black pepper our turmeric latte mix is formulated with Gotu kola to slow aging, Ashwagandha to regulate the immune system, and the warm aromatic spices Fennel, Cinnamon, Ginger, and Natural Vanilla to give the blend an incredible aroma and a warm soothing flavor.
  • Enjoy your Golden Milk Hot or Cold – Golden milk made with our organic non GMO turmeric powder drink mix can be enjoyed soothingly hot or cold. Use your choice of regular or non-dairy (vegan) milk.(Note turmeric is often misspelt or mispronounced as tumeric

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  1. kathy

    all round best choice Tur Latte comes with a scoop and instructions for use. I use one scoop in a cup of milk with a tsp of either sugar or honey. I warm this on the stove for a hot drink, a la hot chocolate… so not to boiling. with stirring it dissolves easily and stays dissolved while i drink it. if needed just restir to complete the dissolving. It has a good taste with the sweetener. no aftertaste and i did not find it to taste “gritty” either. I find it helps me sleep deeply. I wake very…

  2. ChiGal9

    Love It! I have severe sinus issues and accidentally found out that Turmeric helped them. I decided to try out Raw & Root because they did not add sweetener to it and I liked the additional herbs added in. This product is fantastic!! I haven’t had to take any sinus medication in over three weeks. I add a scoop to unsweetened almond milk and add a little honey also. I look forward to my morning cup every day. I am usually suffering with severe headaches every day and now I know what it’s like to not…

  3. Amazon Customer

    MUCH better than mixing your own I’ve been making my own Golden Milk from scratch for a while. This is so much better because (a) it is so convenient – saves time and there is no mess (b) it is consistently delicious (I would sometimes mess up the recipe) (c) it dissolves so much more easily in wam milk than the turmeric powder I was using. I really do recommend it.I seem to like it a little stronger than average and expect to get 40 servings or so out of the jar. I sweeten with a little honey, but it tastes so good I…

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