The Wedding of River Song

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  1. Anonymous

    I was bored and expected to quickly abandon it in hopes of … I grew up watching Tom Baker as the Doctor on PBS. I always had trouble getting into any of the other actor’s incarnation of the Doctor that I had seen. Then recently as I was scrolling through the various options of my Prime videos I happened to click on an option I had passed over many times previously, it was a Christmas special Doctor Who. I was bored and expected to quickly abandon it in hopes of finding something decent. It was the first time I watched Matt Smith as the Doctor, I stuck…

  2. Anonymous

    “Complete” is its middle name (almost) This is the *Complete* Sixth Series featuring everything from where the Complete Fifth Series leaves off. It’s not just Part 1:] & Part 2: ], but also the Christmas Special ]…

  3. Anonymous

    Not Bad…Could Have Been Better Season 6 of Doctor Who is an interesting beast.It boasts some of the greatest spectacles in the show’s history. The acting by Matt Smith is superb as he plays a very caring doctor with a dark side. He has so many fabulous scenes in nearly every episode. He’s a delight to watch. Neil Gaiman turned in one of the best high concept stories into Doctor Who history with “The Doctor’s Wife.” We also finally began to unwrap the mystery of River Song.Yet, it was also a…

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