The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss: A revolutionary approach to conquer cravings, overcome food addiction, and lose weight without going hungry

Chef AJ’s larger than life personality will smooth the path to the diet you must follow to enjoy the health and happiness you deserve. Her personal and professional experiences have earned her the right to be considered the world expert on “Making the Change.”—John McDougall, MD, cofounder of the McDougall Program

In her new book, plant-based diet expert Chef AJ provides you with not only tips and techniques to begin your weight-loss journey but also the secrets to tasty homemade dishes that will fill you up without adding on the pounds.

Chef AJ is here to prove to you that eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard. With The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss,she covers

  • the ways her own weight-loss journey inspired her professional career,
  • the most important steps to get started on your own goals,
  • the seven c’s to weight-loss success,
  • the invaluable concept of calorie density,
  • the keys to overcoming the most common and frustrating challenges, and
  • the dozens of delicious recipes that help you lose weight and still love what you eat.

From oven-roasted ratatouille to the best no-bean burgers around, Chef AJ shows you how satisfying and slimming a plant-based weight-loss plan can be.

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  1. Anonymous

    Admit it–you really, really miss potatoes. I am a member of Chef AJ’s Ultimate Weight Loss Program, and last year I lost 25 pounds. Most importantly, I have kept the weight off effortlessly just as she promised. Her program absolutely and positively DOES work. No gimmicks. No potions. Nothing else to buy. No special ingredients. No weighing. No measuring. No meetings. No monthly fees. No special food or supplements. The best part of all has nothing to do with weight. The mental clarity, calm mind and ability to focus on things other…

  2. Anonymous

    Great for Slender People, too! I’m 5’2″ and weigh 108 lbs, but that does’t keep me buying Chef AJ’s book! My husband’s been eating Chef AJ’s red lentil chili every day for the past nine months or so, and I have a friend who’s made her outstanding black bean brownies several times. The great thing about her recipes is that THEY WORK! Also, it’s very hard to find recipes that are free of SOFAS (sugar, oil, flour, alcohol, and salt), and one of AJ’s real talents is to create…

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