The Original Beauty Bible: Skin Care Facts for Ageless Beauty

The all-new third edition of The Original Beauty Bible is Paula Begoun’s most comprehensive book yet. Exhaustively researched, this refreshingly honest guide cuts through marketing hype to educate consumers on all aspects of beauty, including how to assemble a state-of-the-art skin-care routine, choose a cosmetic surgeon, and apply makeup like a pro. It provides the latest research and information on every imaginable cosmetic innovation, with a special emphasis on skin-care ingredients, and explains the pros and cons of all types of cosmetic surgery and corrective procedures in an engaging, easy-to-understand style. Covering the most critical topics in beauty in a factual, no-holds-barred manner, and packed with money-saving tips, The Original Beauty Bible affirms Begoun’s reputation as “The Ralph Nader of Rouge.” For readers of all ages, it’s the ultimate guide to smart beauty.

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  1. Fortune R. Elkins

    Insightful, could be better organized I’d heard vaguely of Paula over the years in women’s magazines but had never read any of her books. I had the general impression that she was a crusader for truth in beauty advertising. This February I asked an acquaintance of mine what cleanser she used with her Clarisonic face brush because her skin looked great. She told me she used Paula’s products. I didn’t know Paula had a line of products or books at all! My acquaintance urged me to read this book, saying it had completely changed her…

  2. P. Beavers

    Disappointed The book covers myriad topics and is written in a “chatty” style. This book purports to be such an all encompassing and knowledgeable reference book as to be the “Bible” for the topic. Well, unless it is the Bible of a religion, it needs an index. The author’s failure to provide an index coupled with her “chatty” style, makes finding information on a specific condition, ingredient, technology, procedure, solution, whatever — mind numbing.Heavy throughout the text — a shameless…

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