The Natural Beauty Solution: Break Free from Commerical Beauty Products Using Simple Recipes and Natural Ingredients

You’ve stocked your kitchen with whole foods, and cleansed your cabinets of processed snacks, microwave meals, and sugary desserts. After putting all of that effort into your natural, healthy lifestyle, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to slather your body in chemical-laden commercially produced beauty products. You are what you eat, and your skin can absorb chemicals and additives just as easily as your stomach. With just a little extra effort, you can work handmade, natural beauty into your daily routine. The Natural Beauty Solution is a step-by-step guide to replacing commercial beauty products with a 100% natural routine. The Natural Beauty Solution features two-dozen easy-to-follow, customizable recipes for natural skin care. The ingredients and recipes not only provide a healthy alternative to mass-produced products, they make your skin and hair look their best, naturally. Common skin disorders, such as eczema, psoriasis,and acne are often aggravated by the chemical ingredients contained within commercial cosmetics. Chemical-based hair care can cause frizz, breakage, and scalp irritation. And, very often, it’s the over the counter “cures” that are the very thing that cause common skin and hair care problems. By breaking the cycle with a natural beauty routine, you can give your body a true beauty reset. The Natural Beauty Solution will help you completely overhaul your medicine cabinet, show you how to create simple natural recipes that are quick and affordable, and troubleshoot natural beauty methods to fit your specific skin and hair type. The beautiful color photography, the insightful and inspiring editorial, and the easy to create natural recipes will have you re-examining — and re-directing — your entire beauty routine to a natural beauty solution.

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  1. Hilah Cooking

    Truly “the solution” to your natural beauty pursuits I love this book. I’ve been interested in making my own lotions and shampoo for a while, but it seemed really complicated. This book is so inspiring! It’s the kind of book I love: friendly tone, lots of extra troubleshooting tips and advice in the sidebars, and well-designed for easy reading comprehension. Most of the recipes offer variations for different skin types — oily, dry, mature, acne-prone — and suggestions for different essential oils and hydrosols (the book also has a great…

  2. Kathy Ciuci

    DIY Beauty at Its Best I’ve know Mary Helen for ages as my little sister’s best friend and the homemade beauty products I’ve bought from her over the years have been great – they work, they smell good, and they are PRETTY :-) I ordered her book and read through it before making up my mind about it (which I have). This is really a bible for the person looking not just to make but to understand natural beauty products. The reference material in it, such as tables of natural oils showing their properties in beauty…

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