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Stay Healthy! Nearly one century after the ketogenic diet was developed as a successful treatment for epilepsy at the Mayo Clinic, progress in acceptance and implementation has come so slowly. Though study after study has shown the same effectiveness no matter when it was done or which country it was trialed in, 100 years after its inception, the ketogenic diet remains drastically underutilized.

Let’s explore for a moment just what “underutilized” means in this context. Today there is a world epilepsy population of around 60 million people. Going back to then 1920’s all the published data from different doctors at different hospitals in different decades with similar patient epilepsy populations document remarkably similar outcomes: at least 50% seizure reduction in over half the people with epilepsy who try the diet, with 15-24% attaining seizure freedom. Of the 30 million people with epilepsy worldwide who would improve significantly by using a ketogenic diet, 29,995,000 people are suffering unnecessarily. Extrapolate those numbers back to the 1920’s when the diet was developed and the amount of human tragedy is unfathomable.

Today the…

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