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Cure Help Health Tips Featured Video The Ketogenic Diet: 90-Day Keto Experiment

Stay Healthy! Adee and Michael Cazayoux have always strived to walk the talk, especially when it comes to their nutrition. In their latest effort to better understand our newest program (the WAG Keto Coaching Program) before it launched, the two followed the ketogenic diet for three months.

Watch this episode for the 90-day journey as these macro pros take it back to basics and learn the best approach through unexpected challenges, surprising positive side effects, travel, training and balancing a full schedule while reaching ketosis.

If you want to take a deeper dive into nutrition as a whole, from tracking macros to shopping lists and meal timing, download our free nutrition guide:

Love the Cazayouxs as much as we do? You can catch more of them in our WAG Q&A playlist:

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