The Expert’s Guide to Weight-Loss Surgery: Is it right for me? What happens during surgery? How do I keep the weight off?

An indispensible guide to weight-loss surgery written by a leading bariatric surgeon

Today, an estimated 44 million Americans suffer from obesity. For one in five Americans, diet and exercise simply don’t work. Luckily, weight-loss surgeries offer a realistic solution that can help people overcome genetics and work toward drastic, life-altering weight loss.

As the cofounder of an obesity clinic at Houston’s Methodist Hospital, Dr. Garth Davis has helped hundreds of patients manage the emotional and physical effects of being more than a hundred pounds overweight. His successful program was featured on the hit TLC show Big Medicine. In this essential handbook, Dr. Davis delivers the expert advice that his patients use to overcome issues surrounding their obesity, help shed the weight and regain a healthy body.

With anecdotes from real-life patients and a complete diet and exercise plan that ensures long-term success, Dr. Davis shows how anyone can achieve a healthy weight through surgery. The Expert’s Guide to Weight Loss Surgery is required reading for anyone seeking a permanent obesity cure.

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  1. Grace Rostoker

    Informative and helpful Whilst it’s true that there is a lot of information on the web about WLS, I think that Garth Davis did a good job in this book of bringing it all together and adding his expert views. The different types of surgery were clearly described and – which you don’t always find on the web – all the potential risks and problems were laid out in great detail too.I appreciated Davis’ honesty in saying that, as much as he believes in the value of surgery, it is no more than a tool, and will do…

  2. Andrea Impink

    recommended by my surgeon My surgeon at Duke recommended I read this book about 3 months prior to my surgery. I found it extremely helpful in letting me know what to expect prior to my surgery, during my recovery, and beyond. It is very comprehensive and deals with physical, emotional, and the psychological issues involved with weight loss surgery. I also purchased Exodus from Obesity and Weight Loss Surgery: Finding the Thin Person Hiding Inside You, which were personal accounts of WLS patients journeys from…

  3. Anonymous

    I got this book because it was recommended by the Weight Loss Clinic where I am a patient as a read before deciding on the Roux-en-Y procedure. Now that I am beyond the procedure and well recovered (70+ pounds lost in about 6 months and still losing), I am even more impressed with the information I read in this book. It prepared me for the aftermath of the surgery right along with the information given me by my own clinic. It also brought some considerations to light that I would not have…

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