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  1. Anonymous

    The unforgettable and FANTASTIC Ninth Doctor They say you can never forget your first Doctor. If any of the many actors who have played The Doctor since Dr. Who’s premier in 1963 deserves the honour of being your first it is absolutely Christopher Eccleston, a gifted actor whose work you probably know already even if you never connected his name to his diverse roles.Eccleston only played The Doctor for this single season; he did not renew his contract. But his work here sets the ground work for every Dr. Who episode created…

  2. Anonymous

    Start here! Whatever you do, DON’T SKIP NINE!!! I wish I could put neon arrows up pointing to this Amazon listing for everyone who has thought about getting into Doctor Who but doesn’t know where to start. Yes, it’s an extensive show, and you will become obsessed (if you actually pay attention to it), but it’s SOOOOO WROTH IT!As you may have guessed, I love Doctor Who. It’s THE BEST SHOW EVER. If you haven’t watched it and you want to get into it, it may be overwhelming to know the show began back in 1963. If you can’t watch all of the…

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