The Doctor’s Daughter

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  1. Anonymous

    After you finish season 4, to watch the season 4 finale you must go to “Doctor Who: The David Tennant Specials”!!! For some reason (money, what else could it be) the finale to this season, “The End of Time” parts 1&2, are NOT included in this season… which is CRAZY. And disrespectful to the amazing tenure of David Tennant as The Doctor. You need to see the finale for everything to make sense, to see the regeneration to the new Doctor (Matt Smith) & to have closure with David’s character. At the very least link “Doctor Who: The David Tennant Specials” in people’s recommended items as soon…

  2. Anonymous

    Watch With An Open Mind, Because Ten and Donna Are BRILLIANT Together! Season 4 is one of the absolute highlights of “New Who” and the main reason is the relationship between the Doctor and Donna Noble. Ten x Donna are absolutely BRILLIANT together! She is the perfect companion. She grounds him, doesn’t let him get away with anything and balances him completely. She doesn’t have stars in her eyes where he is concerned unlike Rose or Martha, who were both in love with him. No, he and Donna are the BEST of friends (though, if the two of them were to…

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