The Complete Guide to Weight Loss Surgery: Your questions finally answered

If you’re planning on undergoing weight loss surgery, have recently had surgery, or are a few years out, this book is for you! Weight loss surgery is a big deal and there’s so much to know! Our comprehensive FAQ-style guide answers 80 of the most common and crucial questions we—as WLS dietitians—get asked on a daily basis, such as: – Why is my hair falling out? – Why are my friends losing more weight than me? – Why can’t I eat and drink at the same time? This book is also packed with a ton of practical tips for those tricky and sometimes overwhelming parts of life after surgery. We provide advice for almost everything! – Difficulty transitioning to solid foods? – Struggling with digestive issues (i.e. nausea, vomiting, foods getting stuck/blocking, constipation and diarrhea)? – Unsure of what to eat the first time you eat out? And so much more! No more guesswork. Just practical expert advice! “Lisa and Monica are expertly placed to understand the huge challenges of weight-loss surgery patients post-op. I only wish this book had been available when I had my own surgery in 2009”. – Carol Bowen Ball,

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  1. Anonymous

    Great book for people that have had or are considering weight loss surgery I really enjoyed the book and all of the advice and information was not only in line with what my own WLS Team provided me but also very much in line with my own personal experiences. I think it does a fantastic job of balancing between giving specific information, like the formula to calculate protein needs, and staying general on other areas because I have learned by interacting with many post-op folks that everyone reacts differently, which is stated throughout the book.The term…

  2. Anonymous

    A great guide for anyone who had or is interested in having weight loss surgery I’m sure most of the people writing reviews for this book are either people who had or who debate having weight loss surgery. I belong to neither category – as I myself am a dietitian who does not work in bariatics. If you are curios about what a dietitian thinks about this book, please read on.I would like to, first of all, clarify a little something about dietitians. We, like all the other healthcare professionals, work and specialize in different fields. Bariatics is one of them,…

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