The Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs

Physical health, this book explains, is irrelevant if it is accompanied by unhappiness and failure. Herbal expert Ron Teeguarden explains how to apply natural Chinese herbal medicine in order to lead a full and energetic life.

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  1. C. Jack

    Redundant…It should say it is a guide to Dragon Herb formulas… OK…I read MANY of the review of this and prior versions of this book, and thought, based on those reviews, that this would be a great place for me to finally get TCM under by belt. Well, SOME of that assertion is true. It was incredibly redundant. I think the book could be 50% smaller with better editing. This book is pretty pricey to be primarily a catalog of Dragon Herb products.Example: he would mention when talking about his specific formulas that that specific herb was…

  2. gumnut

    Cannot make your own Good book, clear well written, well organized, plenty of information with one big drawback:I used Western herbs in the past, most of them I gather or grow in my garden. However I cannot do this using the book.First the formulas are very complicated with a lot of herbs involved, aren’t there simpler formulas with less ingredients (the countryfolks may have used simplified versions)?Some herbs need preparation, the book does not give recipes how to prepare them.The…

  3. JamesPaul108

    Wish I had read this years ago I bought this book because I had seen a free video of Ron Teeguarden online at a conference put on by David Wolfe. I was highly impressed with Ron. He’s had training in herbalism (and other subjects such as meditation and breathing exercises, which are not discussed in this book) from a number of Asian teachers, including Daoist Master Sung Jin Park. I hadn’t realized it, but the traditional teachings is that certain of the “premier” Chinese herbs can have profound vitalizing…

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