The Alkaline Satisfaction Cookbook: 50+ Exciting Alkaline Diet Recipes to Kick-Start Your Weight Loss and Wellness Success and Keep Your Belly Happy! … Recipes, Alkaline Cookbook) (Volume 2)

Healthy Satisfaction Revealed – Discover an Endless Alkaline Pleasure!

Energize Your Life with The Alkaline Diet!
I will show you exactly how to eat your way to massive weight loss, sexy body and a focused mind, while having fun during the process of your total body and mind transformation!

Alkaline Super Foods Made Exciting and Fun!

Dear Reader, I am sure you have heard about the alkaline diet and the numerous benefits it brings, including:
*Weight Loss and Fat Burn
*More Clarity of Thought
*More Peace of Mind and Less Irritability
*Balanced Immune System and Less Inflammation
*Increased Concentration and Motivation
*Healthier Skin, Nails and Hair: Alkaline Natural Beauty Treatments!
*More Stamina
*Better Memory

Do you know the real alkaline diet secret? Drum roll, please…..

It’s the preparation of mouth-watering, satisfying meals that will keep you full, while balancing your pH in 7 days or less!

Ready for Alkaline Success and Unstoppable Energy?

The Alkaline Diet is neither difficult, nor boring. Eating Alkaline Foods can be interesting and fun. I have written this book to show you how much healthy variety you can put into an alkaline diet. Once you begin to experience the wonderful benefits of a high pH in your system, you will wonder how you ever managed to live your life without it.
Unlimited energy levels, boosted motivation, joy, positive thinking and increased creativity are waiting for you. Join me, as I will be giving you some valuable tips, tricks, and recipes that allowed me to stay on the Alkaline Diet.


* Alkaline Breakfasts: Start a day in a powerful way and SMASH all your goals!
* Alkaline Lunches and Brunches: How to keep your energy high and nourish your body and mind!
* Alkaline Snacks, Juices and Teas. Say ‘no’ to acidic enemies and work for a heathy, sexy, slim body! HEALTHY, ALKALINE SNACKS SUGGESTIONS TO KILL ACIDITY!
* Alkaline Dinners: romantic dinners, gossiping with friends, catching up with old flames? It doesn’t have to be boring! Check out my alkaline night time recipes! EXCITING ALKALINE DINNER RECIPES TO SHARE WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY
* Mysterious and Sexy: magic alkaline ingredients. Let’s spice it up with super alkaline, oriental Asian veggies. Learn how to prepare delicious meals with: reishi, daikon, nori, shitake, dandelion root, and wakame. You will be able to find endless pleasure in alkalinity.

Remember…it’s not about doing a ‘DIET’… It’s about changing your LIFESTYLE to TRANSFORM your body and mind.

Leave your unhealthy, acidic world behind forever and discover the total body and mind transformation!
Start alkalizing and rebalancing your pH to achieve weight loss and health success. Eat alkaline foods that support your goals!

Read the Weight Loss Reviews and Buy This ON SALE NOW!

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  1. Dex loves to read

    Alkaline is a subject that should be discussed more in todays world. I am so glad to see an eBook on this topic that is presented with down toearth common sense. I also like to read Authors that arent afraidto personalize the read in order to help the readers be able torelate to an actual person, not just another do as I say not as I dotypical type of mumbo jumbo that unfortunately seems to be floodingthe market these days. The Author seems tohave found her stride in utilizing this type of eatingstyle and is making it…

  2. Gerald Patterson

    Alkaline Diet This Alkaline Diet book is very inspiring to me. I’m in fairly good shape but this diet’s promise of higher energy and a slimmer body is very attractive. I didn’t realize that Tony Robbins is a proponent of this diet but that makes me even more interested.The book is very well written and the author is obviously into this diet and has a personal blog for even more information. You can feel her energy and passion as you read the book. The book starts by giving some basic…

  3. Rafase282

    Great book and diet I’m a big fan on health books, especially short book that get to the point, give useful information, and with a decent price tag, why not? This book is just one of them. I have been hearing about alkaline diets and its wonders so I decide to get some time to read about it and probably try them out at some point. This book is awesome, have lots of information, some recipes that together with the rich information can be used as a template for new recipes. The possibilities are there, and…

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