Tea Time Tea Cup Shaped Gift Basket

It’s hard to believe that this gift box holding delicious tea treats is not a real china tea cup – it’s just that realistic! Beautifully detailed and charming, the gift box delivers new tea time pleasures to try including a sampling of fancy teas, gourmet cookies, tea go-togethers and tasty treats. Each basket is hand crafted with attention to detail, shrink wrapped and tied with a bow for presentation, ready for gift giving. Add a personalized message with your order by selecting gift at check out. Product Notes: This gift is presented in a gift box tote that looks like a real tea cup. While the tote is very realistic looking, it IS NOT a real tea cup.

(3) Assorted Flavors Individual Tea Bags: (may include Black Tea,
Herbal and Fruit Teas),
Enligh-Tea-Ments English Breakfast Tea,
Rock Candy Swizzle Stick,
Buttery Shortbread Cookies,
Bali’s Best Green Tea Candy,
(3) Assorted Flavor Honey Sticks,
(Blackberry, Clover, & Cinnamon),
Tea Cup Shaped Gift Box Tote.

An original gift arrangement by Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets™. Each gift is hand crafted and assembled in the USA, US Trademark #4371601. NOTE: Some components may be imported.

Product Features

  • * It’s hard to believe that this paper gift tote bag is not a real china tea cup, it’ just that realistic!
  • * Beautifully detailed and charming, this gift bag comes complete with handles, delivering new tea time pleasures day after day with a sampling of fancy teas and matching gourmet go togethers and treats.
  • * Open the tote to reveal premium Sisters Green Tea, English Tea, a trio of Ashby’s Singles Herbal Teas, Mrs. Grace Lemon Tea Cookies, Cinnamon Butterfly Tea Cookies, Torani Chocolate Milano Biscotti, 2 Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks and a sampling of honey sticks to sweeten each cup in four different flavors, Clover Honey, Blackberry, Cinnamon and Peach.
  • * Each gift is hand crafted with attention to detail and includes a personalized gift card to convey your best wishes.
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

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  1. Geri

    Great Teas I do love this arrangement, but the Biscotti that was supposed to be fresh and chocolaty was chocolaty! It melted all together and was 1 big chocolaty mess. I ended up throwing it away. The arrangement is nice for 1 person to show gratitude at work or a very small reward for a job well done. The cup tote is really a cardboard tea cup and saucer glued to a pencil box and that is what I am using it now. But other than that, it is very cute and a great way of saying Thank you or just being…

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