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Natural Dog Company – Daily Multivitamin Supplement for All Ages | Supports Healthy Coat, Strong Hip and Joints, with Omega 3s & Digestive Enzymes | Duck & Sweet Potato Chewable for Dogs – 90 Chews

Round out your dog’s healthy diet with Natural Dog Company’s Canine Multivitamin – a natural and safe vet-approved chew for dogs, made with 35 purposeful and beneficial vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your pup needs to live a healthy, balanced life. Our unique formula is packed with organic turmeric, organic hemp seed, cod liver oil, multivitamin blend, and a special enzyme blend included to ease digestion. A daily dose of our unique multivitamin promote healthy skin and coat, hip and joint wellness and can effectively relieve joint inflammation, soreness, aches and arthritis in mature dogs.

Key Ingredients: Organic turmeric, vitamin and mineral rich multivitamin blend, Organic hemp seed, Cod liver oil, Coenzyme Q10, Digestive enzyme blend

Product Features

  • FULL SPECTRUM SUPPORT – Natural Dog Company’s Daily Multivitamin is packed with 35 purposeful minerals and nutrients supporting your dog’s Skin & Coat, Vision, Immune System, Hip & Joints, and Heart health.
  • COD LIVER FISH OIL – Omega-3 fatty acids support healthy skin and coat, joints, heart, brain, eyes, growth and reproduction. All natural vitamins A and D support vision, immune function and healthy bones.
  • DIGESTIVE ENZYME BLEND – Helps decrease gastrointestinal sensitivity to the vitamins and minerals being ingested, also helps break them down for easier absorption into the body.
  • TAIL-WAGGING, DOG-APPROVED FLAVOR – Treat your furry companion to a tasty daily multivitamin with a flavorful Duck & Sweet Potato chewable – sure to make their tail wag!
  • MORE TO LOVE FROM YOUR FAVORITE PET BRAND – You know us and love us from our handmade, all-natural healing balms. Our supplements are produced in GMP-certified, FDA-registered facilities. Join us in giving your furry companion the healthiest, happiest life possible!

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Vitamin E Oil, 100% Natural – Skin Nourishment & Renewal – Natural Vitamin E Oil 10,000 IU + Sweet Almond Oil, 1oz – Rapid Absorption – Best for Scars, Stretch Marks, Wrinkles, Cuticles & Full Hair

Vitamin E is a proven commodity, a versatile antioxidant providing a multitude of advantages, scientifically proven to carry benefits.

These include: Skin hydration, stretch mark and wrinkle reduction, hair strengthening, cuticle protection, and more!

This Vitamin E Oil however has 2 key unique characteristics:

1) Natural vs Synthetic Synthetic

Vitamin E Oil, commonly seen on the market, is derived from petroleum products while natural vitamin e is plant-based.

– Significantly more potent

– Bioavailable, as it is easily absorbed and used by the body

– Excreted slower, as synthetic vitamin e is foreign to the body causing it to be rejected much quicker.

2) 100% Natural Sweet Almond Oil Carrier

Vitamin E Oil in a completely pure form is very thick and viscous making application and absorption poor. To compensate we have used Natural Sweet Almond Oil only (no fillers) as the carrier improving the viscosity and application! The oil absorbs quickly preventing any need to worry about an oily look or feel to the skin!

Sweet Almond Oil is also rich in Vitamin E making it a great complementary oil. It carries it’s own set of benefits:

– Strengthening hair (rich in Omega-6)

– Reducing dark circles

– Counter-acts extreme skin dryness.

The bottle itself even has a child proof seal to keep things clean, and a light resistant bottle to reduce oxidation. It is designed to be used at any time of the day, and deliver premium results your skin will thank you for! We believe in the product and offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee! So try it today during our OPENING BLOWOUT SALE! Click ADD TO CART up top and take advantage of all it’s benefits right away!

Product Features

  • An exceptional skin care experience is what we want for everyone! This Versatile, Premium, All Natural Vitamin E Oil is plant-based and NOT SYNTHETIC. Made in CANADA, this Vitamin E Oil has a variety of dynamic skin care applications. No Scent, No GMOs, No Animal Testing, Vegan.
  • No fillers, or preservatives prevents against negative skin reactions, and the rapid absorption which takes place doesn’t leave the skin oily making it extremely attractive in your daily routine. PLUS our bottle has a child proof top to prevent spills and is light resistant to protect against oxidation!
  • We believe that knowledge is power, and knowing exactly what Vitamin E is doing means you can make it work to its full potential for you. Therefore we have included a complementary eBook which explains the difference between natural and synthetic vitamin e, benefits of both vitamin e and sweet almond oil, and other skin care tips and tricks!
  • 100% Natural Vitamin E Oil from Mariposa Aesthetics is specifically formulated for greater absorption and potency. This oil utilizes only two premium ingredients in vitamin e oil and sweet almond oil (rich source of vitamin e on its own) that complement each other in their makeup and benefits. This is the best way to hydrate, and revitalize your skin as it is filled with antioxidants and natural skin vitamins which impact our skin’s natural aging process. It improves the elasticity of the skin, and assists the skin’s natural healing process leaving your skin rejuvenated and refreshed!
  • Mariposa 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We want you to love the Vitamin E Oil as much as we do! If you aren’t satisfied with product we will refund you completely, no questions asked! Order now during our OPENING BLOWOUT SALE by clicking ADD TO CART

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