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Natural Vitality – Kids Natural Calm Multi (Organic Fruity Splash Flavor, 30oz)

Kids Calm Multivitamin by Natural Vitality 30 oz Liquid Kids Calm Multivitamin 30 oz Liquid Product As we know fruits and vegetables are fundamental nutritional factors in a healthy diet. Kids Natural Calm Multi incorporates superfruits (organic pomegranate aa goji and noni) fruits (apple banana blackberry blueberry cranberry mango orange pineapple rasp-berry strawberry and tart cherry) and vegetables (beets broccoli carrot collard greens kale peas pumpkin spinach and tomato). We took extra care to use organic produce to ensure no pesticide herbicide or fungicide residues chemical fertilizers or genetically modified ingredients were included in our formula. Omega-3 DHA EPA Omega-3 fatty acids are basic building blocks in cells and are needed throughout the entire body for good health. As children grow and develop they require these fatty acids as essential components in their diets. The fish oil used in Kids Natural Calm Multi is sourced from the purest wild sardine and anchovy fished

Product Features

  • 24 organic fruits and veggies

  • Organic fruity splash flavor

  • Gluten free, non-GMO

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