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Healthy Weight Loss Journal Flexitarian Style: 119 Journal Prompts to help you record your weight loss efforts both successes and struggles as you … a healthier lifestyle while eating less meat

We have created a Healthy Weight Loss Journal that contains 119 journal prompts that will help you track and measure your success while losing weight. This is a great journal or diary for anyone who is following the Flexitarian Diet method, or for anyone who is trying to include more plant based foods in their diet. As the name suggests this particular diet allows for some flexibility. Ideally allowing you to consume some meat and diary items from time to time.

If you track your food and meals you all ready know that it helps to keep you on track. So why not try and journal or write about your weight loss efforts too? Our prompts are questions and statements that can help you explore your thoughts and habits as you travel through your weight loss journey.

Even if you are not looking for a healthy weight loss journal for yourself, this one would make a perfect gift for many of your friends and family and could be used as:

  • Health Gift
  • Stocking Stuffer or Christmas Present
  • Motivation Gift
  • Just Because Gift
  • Lifestyle Gift

We are working on new health related journals and planners and to find more, just click on the author name above to see what we have available. It’s just below the title of this journal.

Our planner is undated so you can start to use it at any time of the year and it has a handy space to include the date if you wish. Be sure to pick up a copy today for yourself or someone you care about.

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Motivational Weight Loss Journal: A Journal to Record Weight Loss Success And Motivational Stories For Times When You Feel Like Giving Up On Your … Lost 100 Pounds And You Can Too!) (Volume 3)

Have you given up on your goals and dreams? Are you struggling to be motivated to lose weight? If so, this is the book for you. Some pages are blank for you to write your thoughts and feelings down as well as pages to write your goals and aspirations. Also, there are motivational sayings and quotes to help you be inspired and take care of yourself. You only have one life to live so you need to reach for your dreams with all you have got. Don’t stop until you succeed! Please, if you like this book, let me know at ziggyzigfreed@gmail.com. Also, if you could please write a review for it. Thanks and have a wonder-filled day! Carol Langkamp

Read the Weight Loss Reviews and Buy This ON SALE NOW!