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Millionaire, Success, and weight loss: How to reach your goals using the 24-hour Warrior coaching plan

“With the 24-hour warrior philosophy at your center, you will become unstoppable like the Spartans of old or the modern day Special Forces operators”. CHANGED FOREVER! Discover for yourself the effect of this viewpoint, you may experience a completely different life. This change will be able to maneuver successfully through life and ensure that you are prepared for the challenges and opportunities of a meaningful life…unleash your inner warrior, today. Reading this book will provide you with the first step toward becoming a 24 Hour Warrior.

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Weight Loss Affirmations Bundle: Daily Affirmations to Help You Lose Weight, Reach Your Fitness Goals and Achieve Weight Loss Success

This audiobook bundle is filled with positive affirmations to help you lose weight fast, get motivated about exercising, and have a new perspective on healthy eating. Losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight starts with your mind. It is easy to give in to negative, self-defeating talk that tells you “it’s out of my control”. This kind of excuse gives you permission to avoid the difficult but necessary steps of changing bad habits and forming new, healthier habits that will eventually improve the quality of your life. To achieve your weight loss goals, a more proactive and positive mind-set is needed. These weight loss affirmations are about finding that endless well of motivation to take care of yourself and love your body.

This bundle includes the following audiobooks:

1. Daily Affirmations: Weight Loss Success
2. Weight Loss: Affirmations to Help You Lose Weight and Reach Your Fitness Goals

By training your brain to love fitness and wholesome food, you will naturally encourage faster weight loss in a healthy way that strengthens your body. Your relationship with food and exercise starts with your thoughts. These weight loss affirmations are intended to help align your thought process with your weight loss goals and long-term fitness plans.

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Keys to Weight Loss Success: Make THIS Time THE Time You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

The Struggle is REAL! Losing weight is no easy feat. Rachael Watson knows this first hand as she has struggled with her weight most of her life. Starting and stopping exercise routines over and over again was so frustrating. She was at her wits end. She had even resolved in her mind that she would just have to be content being a “Big Girl”. A depressing visit to her doctor initially seemed to make things worse, but there was an urging inside that just would not quit. Finally, she made up her mind to make THIS Time THE Time she lost the weight, and she did! She’s lost and kept off over 40 pounds since February 2013, and though she is still on her journey to meet her goal, she has learned some key lessons along the way that have helped her reach the success she has seen thus far. Now, she is on a mission to empower and help others to do the same. The Keys presented in this book will help you reach and maintain your weight loss goals. Through her Accountability Group, she is inspiring hundreds, and she wants to inspire you too! Are you ready?

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