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Health Plus Prebiotic Formula – Food for Probiotics – Made with Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Enzymes!

With added probiotics including L-Acidophilus and digestive enzymes, our Prebiotic Formula feeds your probiotics the food they need while helping to maintain a healthy functioning digestive system. Helps promote good intestinal flora May help promote regularity and immune health Formulated with Prebiotics, Digestive enzymes, and Probiotics Prebiotics are considered food for Probiotics within your digestive tract. The need for prebiotics is the same as people needing food to survive. While Probiotics will live and grow within your digestive tract, they need nourishment from multiple sources to survive. FOS, Inulin, Burdock Root, and Arabinogalactin in Prebiotic Formula provide this nourishment to keep probiotics flourishing. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Product Features

  • The trillions of bacteria in our bodies are living organisms that NEED FOOD TO SURVIVE. These probiotics don’t eat just any ole food, they feed on PREBIOTIC FIBERS.
  • Prebiotic fibers are NON-DIGESTIBLE TO THE HUMAN BODY but highly digestible to GOOD BACTERIA, which is why it is so important to ensure you get enough prebiotics daily to FEED THE TRILLIONS OF MICROFLORA IN YOUR DIGESTIVE TRACT.
  • Prebiotic Formula provides your system with 2 GRAMS DAILY OF PREBIOTICS to help SUPPORT THE GROWTH OF GOOD BACTERIA and to HELP MAINTAIN REGULAIRTY.
  • Our unique formulation provides you with FOS, INULIN, BURDOCK ROOT, and ARABINOGALACTAN to FEED THE MAJORITY rather than supplementing with just a few probiotics. Each strain of probiotics has a particular function and the millions in our bodies work synergistically to maintain a well-functioning digestive system.

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Probiomax – Maximum Potency Probiotic and Prebiotic Formula Significantly Improve Your Digestive Health and Immune System!

Stress, changes in your diet, contaminated food, chlorinated water, and numerous other factors can alter the “good” bacterial in your intestinal tract. And when your digestive system isn’t working properly, it can wreak havoc on your entire body. It can lead to weight gain, G.I. discomfort, and even affect your immune system, making you more vulnerable to illness.

No one understands the importance of maintaining a healthy bacterial balance in your body than us. Our revolutionary Probiomax was scientifically designed to help busy people like you, who may not be getting the proper balance you need to help ward off infections and illness and even unwanted weight gain.

With its patented, high potency probiotic formula, Probiomax delivers 30 billion probiotic cells daily to provide you with optimum health. This powerful level of probiotics has been proven to not only significantly improve digestive health but also alleviate gas and bloating.

Plus, with its unique ability to increase your metabolism, this revolutionary new probiotic can also help enhance weight loss and burn fat faster and more efficiently. And as an extra bonus, Probiomax also naturally improves mood and helps you to feel better!

If boosting your overall health, well-being and the way you look is on your agenda, then Probiomax may just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Product Features

  • Optimal health is just a way a step away thanks to Probiomax. Featuring a high potency probiotic formula that delivers 30 billion probiotic cells daily, this amazing new supplement enhances the body’s overall digestive tract.
  • Your entire body relies on the health of your digestive tract; that’s why proper digestion is essential for the body to utilize the nutrients it needs. Probiomax is critical to maintaining good health and proper digestion.
  • Created using the most powerful probiotic formulas on the market today, Probiomax increases metabolism and even promotes weight loss for those that take it regularly.
  • Probiomax is specially designed for those with digestive problems and helps alleviate digestive discomfort, gas and bloating.
  • Thanks to its unique blend of innovative ingredients, Probiomax has been proven to even naturally improve mood and is backed by a money back guarantee.

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