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The Miracle of Petroleum Jelly: How Petroleum Jelly Can Enhance Your Health, Home Life, and Beauty (DIY Skincare, Beauty and Household Tips)

This book is the ultimate guide to petroleum jelly. Did you know petroleum jelly is one of the most popular beauty products used by celebrities? The versatility of petroleum jelly never ends. Need to start a camp fire? Want to create your own magnificent body scrub? The miracle lubricant can be used for everything, from preventing diaper rash to protecting metals. Truly enhancing your health, home life and beauty. This book will cover: • The secret on how the world’s most beautiful people use petroleum jelly • How you can use petroleum jelly to improve the health of your skin • The countless medical benefits of petroleum jelly • How you can use petroleum jelly around your house to make your life easier • Over 50 beauty uses of petroleum jelly • Over 50 household uses of petroleum jelly

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