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Vichy Hyaluronic Acid Intense Hydration Skin Care Mini Gift Set, Net wt. 2.5 fl. oz.

Mini skin care set for intense hydration with hyaluronic acid. Perfect as a holiday gift or as a travel mini set. All Vichy products contain Vichy mineralizing thermal water from the French volcanoes charged with 15 essential minerals to rebalance, strengthen and regenerate skin. The aqualia thermal range contains the highest concentration of mineralizing water and provides up to 48 hours of intense hydration. Step 1: cleanser. Step 2: day cream. Step 3: night moisturizer. Step 4: body cream. Allergy-tested. Suitable for sensitive skin. Tested under dermatological control.

Product Features

  • Use as a mini set, Holiday gift, travel kit
  • Travel size minis for a full daily skin care routine
  • Includes: facial wash, day cream, night cream, body cream
  • With Hyaluronic Acid
  • Intense hydration for 48 hours


U Natural Hydration Goji Berry Green Tea Vitamin and Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tabs (Pack of 4)

U Natural Hydration by Nuun. Goji Berry Green Tea Flavored Vitamin and Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tabs. Set of 4 Tubes – 16 Tabs in Each Tube.

Product Features

  • Each Tube Contains 16 Vitamin and Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tabs
  • Includes 4 Tubes
  • Add a Drink Tab to 16 Ounces of Water, Wait for it to Dissolve, and Drink
  • A Great Alternative to Other Electrolyte Enhanced Drinks and Sports Drinks

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DIY Body Butters: Homemade Body Butter Recipes for Skin Rejuvenation and Hydration (DIY Beauty Products & Skin Care)

The saying goes that we only get one body and that we have to treat it well. One of the most important things that you can do for your body is to take care of your skin. You remember your elementary school biology lesson that your skin is the biggest organ in your body, right? Sure you have to take good care of your heart and the internal organs but your skin deserves some care as well. Keeping your skin soft and well-hydrated is important not only for its appearance but for its function as well. Body butters are more than just your typical lotion. They are typically made from a much higher oil/fat content and provide more hydration and more softening to your skin. These body butters are also typically more easily absorbed into the skin meaning that you get the most of the benefits without the ingredients being washed down the drain or wiped away with a towel or clothing. Since they are readily available people might wonder why making body butters on your own is even suggested let alone encouraged. As you will see from this book the benefits of homemade are extraordinary plus there is the bonus of having a lot of fun in the process. This book will show you these benefits which include: • The ability to control the types and quality of the ingredients that you use. • The ability to adjust scents and additional ingredients for your own optimal health and happiness. • The security of knowing that what is in the jar is safe for your family. • The ability to whip up specialty body butters for friends and family members as gifts for special occasions and just because you love them. This book will take you through the basics of the universal recipe and will help guide you through the additions of special ingredients like salts and sugars, essential oils and more.

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BEST ORGANIC Vitamin C Serum for Face with Sea Buckthorn Oil

BEST ORGANIC Vitamin C Serum for Face. Botanical 20% Vitamin C + E + Vegan Hyaluronic Acid Serum. #1 Anti Aging Formula Moisturizer with Natural Ingredients. + Organic Rosehip Oil, Resistem (Plant Stem Cells), Green Tea Extract + Sea Buckthorn Oil for ALL-DAY HYDRATION. Anti Wrinkle Serum Facial Skin Care. Stimulates Collagen, Repairs Wrinkles & Sun Damage, Gradually Fades Sun & Age Spots & Reduces Fine Lines – Gives Skin a Radiant & Youthful Glow. We’ll refund your money if not satisfied! Try it Without Risk Today!

Experience The Anti Aging Power Of Vitamin C + E + Hyaluronic Acid & Instantly Gain Brighter More Radiant Beautiful Skin Upon Application.

You Won’t Find A Better Higher Quality, More Potent Effective Vitamin C Serum On The Market – with Pure 98% Natural 72% Organic ingredients

Truly the Best Vitamin C Serum on the Market Today

Nowadays, you can find a multitude of anti aging serum options, but none of these products can truly compare to our Vitamin C Serum. Only the finest of natural ingredients like pure sea buckthorn oil, organic hyaluronic acid and organic rosehip oil are included in our revolutionary formula.

A Multitude of Benefits From One Face Serum

Our combination vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serum simultaneously addresses existing damage while providing potent antioxidant protection from oxidative damage. While vitamin C brightens the skin and stimulates the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid binds moisture to the skin, keeping it properly hydrated and making fine lines and wrinkles less deep. You can even tackle those unsightly age spots with the brightening power of our anti aging serum. Rigorously tested, our face serum truly lives up to its promise and can make a difference in the firmness, radiance and youthfulness of your skin.

The Natural Anti Wrinkle Serum for All Skin Types

Our formula is ideal for all skin types and can be used at any age to fight wrinkles and promote a gorgeous complexion.

It’s time to fight back against environmental damage and the natural aging process. Turn back the clock and restore youthfulness to your complexion. Order Your Bottle Of Naturalico Vitamin C Serum Now While It’s Still In Stock!

Product Features

  • REVIVES DULL SKIN & REDUCES DISCOLORATION – Vitamin C has the remarkable ability to decrease the prominence of hyperpigmentation while brightening skin that is tired and stressed. Regular use of our vitamin C serum will help to restore that youthful glow and promote a more even skin tone.
  • SOFTENS LINES AND WRINKLES – The hyaluronic acid and sea buckthorn oil organic extract in our anti aging serum help to plump the skin upon application. Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished as a result, leaving your skin looking years younger.
  • PROTECTS AND FIRMS – The vitamin C present in our anti aging system face serum provides protection from the free radicals that damage skin cells and contribute to wrinkles. The anti aging serum also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibers, toning and firming aging skin to make it more resistant to wrinkling.
  • THE BEST VITAMIN C SERUM ON THE MARKET – No other Organic Vitamin C serum can boast the same high quality ingredients and level of purity as our formula. Our anti aging serum treats your complexion to organic rose hip oil, organic sea buckthorn oil, hyaluronic acid and more. These ingredients are clinically shown to promote more youthful, healthier skin when used regularly. Lines, wrinkles, dark spots–signs of aging are a natural part of life, but that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to seeing them in the mirror every day.
  • THE PURE, GENTLE WAY TO FIGHT WRINKLES – Our vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serum is made from 98 percent pure natural ingredients and 72 percent of the ingredients are certified as organic. It’s the gentle solution for all types of signs of aging and promotes skin health using the finest ingredients nature has to offer for an anti aging system. We Treat You Like Family! Buy With Confidence, We Guarantee The Best Customer Service And Personal Follow-up From The Owner! We Are Pretty Obsessed With Making YOU Happy. Whether It’s Money Back Or A Free Exchange!

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Have you heard of Sea Buckthorn Oil?

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U Natural Hydration by Nuun, Natural Vitamin and Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tablets, Tangerine Ginger (8 Tubes/16 Tabs Per Tube)

Stay balanced and refreshed during less intense activities with U Natural Hydration by Nuun! U Natural drink tabs are electrolyte & vitamin-enhanced, with half the sodium as Nuun Active (because you can’t sweat your tail off all the time). U Natural drink tabs are portable, taste great, and deliver their fast-absorbing electrolyte and vitamin blend without the sugar or waste of bottled sports drinks. Each tube contains 16 effervescent tablets. Each tablet makes 16 ounces of U Hydration and delivers 180 mg Sodium / 77 mg Potassium / 20 mg Magnesium, as well as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and a variety of B Vitamins to boost immunity and support healthy activity. U Natural is good for your body (100% natural, less than 1g of carbs, fewer than 8 calories, low sugar, no high-fructose corn syrup, no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors), and good for the earth – one tube prevents the need for sixteen 16oz plastic bottles from sugar-ADE sport drinks. Nuun, pronounced “Noon,” was the first company to separate electrolyte replacement from carbohydrates. Before Nuun, if you wanted electrolytes, the result was a bottle full of sugar. With our simple, self-dissolving, electrolyte tab, we revolutionized the sports drink forever. Nuun was originally the brainchild of a student and professor from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. An avid cyclist, he longed for a lightweight, easy to use hydration method that didn’t include a sticky high-calorie mess. His research led to the creation of a low sugar, dissolvable, and portable tablet called Nuun. Ten years later, Nuun Active Hydration is the #1 selling drink tab in the cycling, running and outdoor marketplaces. Nuun has even expanded its product line from sports performance hydration to include an all-natural, vitamin-enhanced product for everyday use, Nuun All Day Hydration. Most recently Nuun launched its energy line, which boosts performance with caffeine and B-vitamins. So be it a bike ride, a long day at the office, or a day at home juggling kids, Nuun has a tablet and flavor customized to help you stay healthy and hydrated. Nuun and Company is based in Seattle, WA. Nuun is sold in over 10,000 outlets in the U.S. and available in over 30 countries.

Product Features

  • Made with an optimal blend of 4 key electrolytes to keep you balanced and refreshed during less intense activities (yoga, climbing, hiking, running, gardening, etc.)
  • All Natural, sweetened with stevia, less than 8 calories. The perfect natural sports drink!
  • Contains half the electrolytes of Nuun Active – because you can’t sweat your tail off all the time
  • Refreshingly light flavor, no high-fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors or flavors
  • Green hydration. Combine Nuun with your reusable water bottle to reduce plastic waste!

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