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Brieofood Mens Multivitamin 180 Tablets, Food Based daily Multivitamin for men made with Vegetable Source Omegas, probiotics and herbal blends

BRIEOFOOD Day-to-Day Men’s Multi is a food based supplement formulated specifically for the men’s need. The herbs, vitamins & minerals in this formula work together to promote optimal health and condition-specific benefits and not just address nutrient deficiencies. Day-to-Day Men’s Multi contains specially designed Brieo blends to provide energy and helps reduce stress. It also promotes prostate and immune system health. This special multivitamin formula contains Brieo Vegetable source omegas to promote cardio health.

Product Features

  • Healthy Living Quest, We Make A Reality
  • Complete Multivitamin with Multi Mineral Formula for Stress, Heart, Immune, Hormone & Digestive Support
  • It is a food based multivitamin which serves in a great way to provide nutrients that Men’s body need to stay healthy and active
  • It is formulated with 25 Million CFU probiotics that supports digestive balance and may boost overall immune health
  • Made in USA

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