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Cleaning Teeth for Children and Babies

Are you taking care of your babies teeth?

Food is vital for health. And the only way we can take the food is by chewing them with the teeth and then swallowing it to our stomachs. Toddler’s diet is key to ensure that the teeth is not decayed and is strong enough. Fluoride is the main element, which strengthens the tooth enamel and prevents decay.

From young, the child has to been taught about teeth cleaning using a baby toothbrush at least twice a day. Using a baby toothbrush and with the establishment of regular teeth cleaning routine, the tooth decay can be kept off.

Baby toothbrushes come with an age recommendation for use on the packaging. Selection of the right baby toothbrush according to the age must be made as a rule. The first baby toothbrush should have long thin handle that will fit in the parents hands so as to help teach the baby brush the teeth and also helps in reaching the teeth inside the oral cavity. Small head with round and soft filaments should also be a criterion for most of the baby toothbrushes. This will be easy to use and will not hurt the gums of the baby.

Though baby toothbrushes are designed to help the baby learn the initial cleaning of teeth, it has to be also being in use to assist in cleaning from the parent’s perspective.

It is also advisable to buy baby toothbrushes with colored filaments indicating the amount of toothpaste required for cleaning baby’s mouth.

A baby toothbrush that can fit on the parent’s finger is best purchased as soon as the baby’s first tooth appears. Very soft bristles should be the item to look for in the baby toothbrush. Though most of the experts recommend that regular wiping of the tooth of a baby with a cloth couple of times a day is sufficient to maintain the hygiene. The initial care taken will help in the long run.

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Along with the baby toothbrush, a children’s toothpaste is a must for the cleaning routine. As the adult toothpastes contain high amounts of fluoride, and the babies might swallow it, children’s toothpaste is available with variety of colors and flavors.

Like adult toothbrushes, baby toothbrush too needs replacement every three months or as soon as the filaments start to splay. And once the baby turns a year and half older, it is better to give them a nice toothbrush as they would be interested in brushing the teeth themselves. Teaching them how to brush with a baby toothbrush twice everyday will help them know more about the teeth as well how to care for it.