Stove Top Stuffing Mix, Savory Herb, 6 Ounce Box

Stove Top Stuffing is one of the most versatile ingredients in your pantry. You can serve it as the perfect stuffing side at any meal, but don’t forget that recipes for main dishes can be built around it.

Product Features

  • Tastes like it’s made from scratch
  • Quicker and easier to prepare than homemade stuffing
  • Ready in just 5 minutes
  • Versatile pantry staple; can be enjoyed as stuffing or as an ingredient in many dishes
  • 110 calories per serving; 6 servings per package

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  1. KindleKin

    Easy To Make, Easy To Store, Easy To Adapt To What I Want To Add In I love this stuffing. Dry, it can be sprinkled over a salad. Cooked with some diced chicken thrown in and chicken gravy to be ladled over the chicken and stuffing, it is a delicious main course. I like mixing with a little bit of cooked rice and stuffed into a sweet pepper half or into a tomato which has been scooped out. I even like it eaten like a snack food, nibbling away at the stuffing dry from the box. Use it in place of bread crumbs in meatloaf and the simple meatloaf becomes a lot…

  2. Amazon Customer

    StoveTop you save me everytime! I am horrible at making stuffing….no kidding its embarrassing. So Stove Top Stuffing is my go to because its consistently great! Thanks stove top you keep me from having to deal with the face people make when they eat my “version” of stuffing and try to smile while telling me its soooo good but what they really want to say and probably are saying it in their head is “OMG this is so gross, I do not even want to swallow this mush because I think I am going to throw it back up…

  3. DrPat

    More Than a Side Dish I love finding new ways to include these time-saving products to create dinner for the household. On the back of the package of Stove-Top Stuffing mix, I found a great recipe for “Chicken Bruschetta.” Like many of my favorite recpes, it let me combine several things I already had in the kitchen to make a filling family-sized casserole in a few minutes of prep time. In later iterations, I substituted medium-heat Pace Salsa for the diced tomatoes in the recipe, and Pepper Jack cheese for…

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