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Sleep deprivation is undoubtedly one of the most underrated physiological conditions of the 21st century. People are more indulged in their work lives and prefer to be night crawlers rather than giving due attention to the impact lack of sleep is having on them. The consequences of sleep loss are quite serious to say the least and have amounted for several large scale tragedies like the NASA Challenger Shuttle Explosion. Only after science took this part of the human life seriously did it become clear that ample sleep and normalized health are tied together. Emerging sciences have allowed us to look at the entire process more carefully and researchers not only know the consequences of sleep deprivation but are also more aware of what goes on behind the curtain. The current standing shows that sleep provides much more benefits to both the mind & the body than it was previously thought. Naturally, we think of sleep as a time or process which allows our body to replenish and recover from everyday stresses. Evidence is now showing that not only is sleep necessary for refreshing one’s mood and cognitive performance it also plays a deep role in bodily functions as well like improving immunity functions and fighting off obesity. A mere look at the stats will reveal the importance of sleep. Drowsiness alone causes more than 100,000 crashes in America an year while it has been found that sleep disorders cost Americans over $100 billion in terms of lost productivity, medical expenditures and sick leaves. So how can you take care of all this and reestablish proper sleeping habits? Well, to do that you must be aware of what you’re tackling. This book will act as your guide and give you everything you could possibly look for on getting back on the right track.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll learn….

  • Stages of Sleep
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Strategies to Tackle Stress
  • Change your Diet
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • And Much, Much More!

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  1. Amazon Customer

    It’s amazing how this book can change our view of simple thing like sleeping. Sleep is probably the only self-help, wellness book that I have read that has not sent me running out of the room crying! What I mean by this, at no point did I ever think, “I cannot do this,” or “Are you kidding me”. Well, with the exception of the technology chapter where I start getting anxiety attacks just thinking of parting with my electronics. Not even arms length, Paul English? Ha! The 7 ways to the revolutionary lifestyle that we are asked to implement in order…

  2. Amazon Customer

    He offers researched and scientifically based information in a fun and amusing manner for the reader to take into … Sleep is a necessity in life. Most people either get too little or too much, restless and inconsistent, and do not realize how the quality of their sleep impacts their everyday living. Hormones, brain function, food cravings and so much more, are all in direct correlation to our sleep.In the book Sleep Smarter, Paul English provides concrete and completely feasible approaches that can be implemented into daily and nightly routines at this very moment. He offers researched and…

  3. Amazon Customer

    … English really outlines what is needed to be the best version of yourself Paul English really outlines what is needed to be the best version of yourself. I like this book because it gives enough scientific studies and data to show why this is important, and real experience to back it up. It is meant for anyone at any level trying to get healthier. You can also feel his personality through his writing, which makes the book that much more enjoyable! I’ve been listening to his podcast for a few months now and have made several changes for the better in my life. I trust…

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