Skin Cleanse: The Simple, All-Natural Program for Clear, Calm, Happy Skin

If you’re like most women, you’ve been on a never-ending quest for perfect skin—or even just good skin—since adolescence. Why is it so hard to get good skin?

Adina Grigore, founder of the organic skin-care line S.W.  Basics, would argue that getting clear, calm, happy skin is about much more than products and peels. Or, rather, it’s about much less. In Skin Cleanse, she guides readers through a holistic program designed to heal their skin from the inside out.

Adina’s program begins as any healthy regime should: with the basics for full-body health. That means eating plenty of fresh, whole foods; drinking more water; getting blood pumping and oxygen flowing to your cells through movement; and giving your skin a chance to repair and regenerate by resting.

From there, readers are challenged to a skin cleanse that requires going product-free for twenty-four hours. Once detoxed,  Adina then shows you how to overhaul your beauty routine, how to carefully add some products back in, and even how to make your own products at home, with advice and targeted solutions for specific skin conditions such as acne, dry skin, oily skin, and more. The secret to beautiful, stress-free skin is simple: it’s an inside job.

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  1. MTimesTwo

    Head Straight to the Grocery Aisle I can’t believe I’m saying this but this book has absolutely changed my skin…a lot. I have always had rosacea and very sensitive skin. I could go on and on with a lot of detail but I won’t bore you with that. I have written other reviews on here for skincare items I tried. At the time, they seemed decent but always my skin would react and the good review I had just given would be meaningless. I have tried every single skincare program you can imagine, from the highest end products to…

  2. Ali

    Love this book Love this book! Most skincare/health books I’ve read are dry, boring, and unrealistic but Skin Cleanse is super cute and entertaining while still being informative. It’s a really quick read but still teaches you a ton and is especially enlightening about the current state of the skin care industry (there’s some seriously scary stuff happening). I also love that Adina doesn’t have any allusions about how real people behave (hello, I’m not giving up pizza anytime soon even if that would make my…

  3. Harmonie

    Skin Cleanse is a must-read! Skin Cleanse is a fantastic book! I’ve used S.W. Basics for a few years and love their products. I was excited to read Adina’s book and it definitely did not disappoint! Skin Cleanse is educational and insightful. Adina provides great tips and DIY recipes to get healthy skin. She’s extremely encouraging about the process of identifying skin issues and finding solutions that work best for each individual. Adina’s sense of humor and honesty make the book fun to read and the idea of a skin…

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