Ruji. 6 in 1 Natural Vitamins for Dogs. 90 Bites. Supplement made with Organic Moringa and natural ingredients. Immune System Boosts, Anti aging, Skin&Coat, Digestive Support, Hip & Joint. Made in USA


Ruji Naturals Superfood Dog Bites with Human-Grade Moringa Powder are healthy dog Bites that are nutritious for all dogs – small and large breeds of all ages.


Here at Ruji Naturals we care about your dog’s quality of life, which why we’ve dedicated ourselves to finding superfoods and all natural, organic ingredients to create pet wellness products that improve health and well-being.

Product Features

  • PURE MORINGA SUPERFOOD FROM OUR FARM FOR YOUR DOG – Moringa tree leaves are loaded with the Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids your dog needs on a daily basis. We sourced our human-grade moringa powder in our healthy dog treats from our family farm and we’ve tested it to ensure its 100% safe and nutritious for all dogs.
  • IMMUNE BOOSTER PACKED WITH ANTIOXIDANTS, AMINO ACIDS, NATURAL VITAMINS, & MINERALS – Moringa leaves are packed with incredible antioxidants which can help prevent inflammation in your dog’s hips and joints and boost your dog’s immune system. Moringa’s high concentration of antioxidants may also fight against free radicals and help your dog live a longer and healthier life.
  • DELICIOUS TASTE YOUR PUP WILL LOVE – We created our Ruji Naturals 100% Vegetarian Dog Treats with a taste we know your pup will love!
  • WE’RE A SMALL U.S. FAMILY COMPANY WHO LOVES OUR DOGS – We’re proud dog parents who read the ingredients of everything we buy for our dogs. That’s why we carefully source our ingredients, and we’re transparent about where all our ingredients come from. No hidden artificial additives or GMOs. Just pure and natural nutrients for your dog that you can trust.
  • OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU – Our founder is a dog parent and lover of dogs who’s passionate about creating products that are 100% purely nutritious and safe for dogs. We deeply care about our customers and their pets, so if for any reason you have an issue with our All-Natural Superfood Dog Treats with Moringa, please reach out to us and we’ll happily make it right.

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  1. Anonymous

    This Saved My Dog I am very thankful for this product as it had saved my dog’s life. For starters, I have a German Shephard and she has yearly yeast infections to her skin where she can’t stop itching, licking, and chewing her skin so bad that it bleeds. Sometimes when we go to the vet, I feel like I’m going to get scolded by the doctor for abusing my dog. But in looking at her chart she is allergic to practically everything. This time around the infection was so bad that I was thinking about put her down…

  2. Anonymous

    Organic Support for Your Fur Baby I purchased this product with the hopes that my fur baby would enjoy one each day. I wanted to present it as a treat. They are soft to chew, and have a nice smell. My family uses supplements, and I wanted to find a natural supplement for my Cairn Terrier. The ingredients are great, and he loves them. You receive a 60 day supply, and I will be reordering these in the future. My dog is small (5-20 lbs.), so it is recommended 1 chew. If your dog is between 20-50 lbs., they recommend 2…

  3. Anonymous

    HE LOVES THEM! I’m giving this a 4 right now and will change it in a few days depending on how my 14 year old mini pin reacts to theseI swear this tough little guy has nine lives and has knocked on death’s door for the 4th time in his life time. I got these, because he’s a picky eater in his old age now ( we used to call Zack the Zack-um- cleaner) and is lacking in nutrients because of this AND because he has a harder time eating his favorite hard food.I got this today and popped them open. I…

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