Rock Solid ABBs (Attitudes, Beliefs and Behaviors) for Weight Loss Success

If you are ready to make a change and recognize that lasting weight loss begins in your mindset, then this book is for you! Explore what you may be doing to limit yourself in reaching your weight loss goals and learn how to create strategies that ensure your success. With the right Attitudes, Beliefs and Behaviors (A.B.B.’s), you will finally reach your weight loss goals and live the life you have always only dreamed of…until now!!

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  1. Mr. Kenneth R. Davies

    excellent reading I expected another regimen of foods and exercise, I guess, but this was a very holistic approach that makes a LOT of sense—not just more of what’s around you and in your head but what’s in your past and your future. In fact, the author assumes the role of “caring boot camp instructor” and divulges, “The basic core of this book is that weight loss is a mindset.” For myself, the only weight I have had to content with is the all-too-common male belly-fat, and now feel like I have the big picture…

  2. Anonymous

    This was a good book to read in that it wasn’t your typical weight loss book. This book was about taking a look at yourself, your past and finding out the things that trigger your eating habits. Then once discovering in yourself those triggers, you find a way to avoid them and/or find a new way to deal with them; them being our emotions.I enjoyed the book because it was right to the point and made you stop to consider yourself and where you came from, all in an effort to help you…

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