Restored!: Embracing Weight Loss God’s Way

The spiritual solution to a physical problem… Restored! is for anyone who struggles with obesity or yo-yo dieting and desires a lifetime win from the battle. The author offers nourishment for the body, mind and spirit in retelling her personal journey, having tried countless weight loss programs—in total, dropping 450 pounds yet always regaining. Nearly beyond hope, Helen’s “2×4 moment” was realizing what had been missing all along: a relationship with Christ. Turning to her faith for strength, she stripped down to the root cause of her emotional eating: growing up amidst the dysfunction of alcoholism, drug addiction and divorce. Surrendering to God transformed Helen’s life, enabling her to shed and maintain a 116-pound loss. Now a nationally certified fitness instructor and on the staff of a Christ-centered weight loss and healthy living nonprofit ministry, her career is dedicated to helping others embrace all that God has planned for them. Filled with real-life success stories, interactive exercises, Scripture readings keyed to the chapter themes, and a study guide for small groups, Restored! will empower you to overcome temptation, and help you accept and love yourself in a way that honors God.

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  1. Anonymous

    God Wants What is Best for Us Helen’s life story is about God’s faithfulness. He is a loving Father, who wants to bring balance into our lives. He patiently waits for us as we try all of the man-made health gimmicks. When we hit bottom and look up, He is there, ready to “restore” us. This book is about making lifestyle changes in 4 areas: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Helen has included the success stories of herself and others, before and after pictures, a simple “Balanced Lifestyle Wellness…

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