Renegade Beauty: Reveal and Revive Your Natural Radiance–Beauty Secrets, Solutions, and Preparations

Rethink conventional notions of beauty and wellness, abandon established regimes and commercial products, and embrace your “renegade” beauty

In this essential full-color guide, Nadine Artemis introduces readers to the concept of “renegade” beauty—a practice of doing less and allowing the elements and the life force of nature to revive the body, skin, and soul so our natural radiance can shine through. Anyone stuck in perpetual loops of new products, facials, and dermatologist appointments will find answers as Artemis illuminates the energizing elements of sun, fresh air, water, the earth, and plants. This book is a comprehensive resource for anyone who wants to simplify their self-care routine, take their health into their own hands, and discover their own radiant beauty.

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  1. Maggie T.

    Call me a renegade! Don’t let the pretty cover and all of the vibrant pictures fool you – Renegade Beauty is no fluff read.Artemis addresses every discipline that touches beauty. She starts with history and philosophy, moves to science, and ends with a mixture of botany and cosmetology…or maybe I should say cosmoetics. (When you read it you’ll understand.)There is a lot of science in here. She cites biology, dermatology, microbiology, and botany research studies to back up the assertions…

  2. Rebecca Simes

    Love this book Love this book. I have also been a living libations fan and now having Nadine’s wealth of knowledge in a book is fantastic. I really like the way she not only generously shares formulations she addresses “essential beauty” and the cultural context that influences our view of beauty. Working in the health field I really value her up to date research and the poetical language of the book. Much easier for me to absorb than a step by step how to manual. No matter what your age I think you…

  3. Annie B

    Be your best self Phenomenal book. Not just about beauty, but about being the healthiest, happiest, best-feeling version of yourself. The info is well researched and sites studies and sources and the wording is beautiful and poetic so the information is accessible and appealing to the right-brained and left-brained among us. I adore Nadine and her homemade recipes (most ingredients you can find in grocery or health food shops and won’t break the bank). I’ve also tried many of her Living Libations products,…

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