Rediscover YOU: A Bariatric Mindset Journal


 Do you know who you are anymore?

Having weight loss surgery is a huge life change. While achieving extreme weight loss is the goal, many post-ops struggle with who they are after they achieve weight loss surgery success. 
This journal is specifically designed for individuals who are looking to reconnect, reignite, and rediscover the core of who they are after having surgery. Often, after having achieved such amazing weight loss, there’s still something missing. Having goals and dreams are important for reaching the next step in your life.
This journal will help you gain perspective, find the person you truly want to be, and get you in touch with what you truly want in life, now that you’ve lost the weight. 
Filled with 75 journaling prompts, the aim is to help you build both the practical life goals, as well as to get you in touch with your dreams for your NEW life. Using this journal will help you discover your passions, uncover your dreams, and rediscover who YOU are and who YOU want to become. 
Having weight loss surgery is the first step to weight loss and achieving the life and body of your dreams. The next part is digging deep into personal discovery, so you can grow into the person you’ve always wanted to become, bridging that gap to build a life you are totally in love with.

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