Radiate From Your Heart

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  1. Anonymous

    I would have paid for this….. So grateful to have come across this series shortly after its release. In only a few days, there has been an inner shift that is exciting to experience. It’s humbling to know that thoughts that you’ve had for years come out of other’s (trained) mouths and stretches/poses you’ve done to ‘squeeze the day out’ turn out to be the same as those practiced for centuries. This show has whetted my appetite to continue to not only do a daily practice, but to learn more about yoga in general. I would…

  2. Anonymous

    Definitely take the time to watch this show! I love Kundalini Yoga and practice this daily. I LOVE this show because it is so helpful in understanding fully what Kundalini Yoga has to offer individuals and the transformations that can occur when we take time out of our day to look inward. David & Adi are phenomenol together and I enjoy that each episode you get to learn new aspects of being human and going through the daily aspects of life!I would recommend this to anyone!! What a beautiful concept and follow through, thank…

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