Prostate-Res (Aidan) – Men’s Prostate Health Formula

Prostate-ResTM is based upon the clinical success of PC-SPES, a prostate formula widely used by doctors and backed by scientific research. Our formula also includes three additional ingredients that further support prostate health: Diindolylmethane (or DIM, studies have shown that DIM inhibits abnormal cell growth in vitro and promotes apoptosis of abnormal cells); sterolins (studies have shown that sterolins help promote the healthy function of T-lymphocytes which are important to the immune system); and nattokinase (a powerful fibrinolytic enzyme which may also promote the breakdown of fibrin coating on abnormal cells). Made in Chandler, AZ USA in a GMP certified manufacturing facility.

Product Features

  • 90 capsules per bottle (six week supply).
  • Based on the clinical success of the Chinese herbal extract blend, PC-SPES
  • Three additional ingredients to further support prostate health: Diindolylmethane, sterolins, and nattokinase.
  • All natural ingredients, all on the FDA’s generally regarded as safe list.
  • Safe, natural supplement to help maintain prostate health.

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