Premium Liver Support & Detox Cleanse Supplements w/ Milk Thistle, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, Turmeric Root Extract, Dandelion Root Extract, Vitamin C & B And More – 100% Natural Complete Herbal Formula To Support Liver Health & Function – 60 Vcaps – Vegetarian Formula

The #1 Secret In Our Formula?

We pride ourselves in using the
World’s Best herbal extracts – European Standardized Extracts! They simply have a higher level of quality than extracts made as foods and must be proven safe and effective before their market introduction.

A formula that detoxify and support normal healthy liver

Here’s what it’s made of:

* Milk Thistle extract – protect liver cells from toxins and helps support liver detoxification processes

* NAC and Vitamin C – NAC is a precursor for the synthesis of glutathione in the liver, a powerful antioxidant to protect and support liver detoxification process

* Picrorhiza Kurroa extract – Picroliv® by Sabinsa shown in studies to support healthy liver function

* Turmeric Root extract – powerful antioxidant and support liver detoxification

* Selenium – SelenoExcell® by Cypress Systems support glutathione peroxidase (powerful antioxidant enzyme)

* Choline – support fat metabolism

* Artichoke and Boldo extract – support the production and excretion of bile

* Burdock Root, Dandelion and Yellow Dock – traditionally been used as cleansing herbs which helps support liver, gall bladder and kidney elimination processes

* Folic Acid, B12 and Choline – as methyl donors

* B6 – glucose metabolism

What Does It Has To Do With You?

* “Restore” and maintain your healthy liver functions

* Works great if you take a lot of alcohol

* Works great if you have a weak liver

* Works great if you are overweight

* Boost detoxification process and protect your liver

* Boost glucose metabolism in liver

* Boost fat metabolism in liver

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Product Features

  • 16 nutrients and herbal comprehensive liver support formula, containing a synergistic combination of B-vitamins, minerals, botanicals and other nutraceuticals
  • Contains standardized herbal extracts such as milk thistle, turmeric, artichoke and picrorhiza kurroa as well as other herbal extract such as boldo leaf, burdock root, dandelion root and yellow dock
  • Contains SelenoExcell® and NAC for glutathione peroxidase and glutathione production respectively. SelenoExcell® is the most researched form of selenium
  • Provides methyl donors folic acid, B12, choline as well as antioxidants such as alpha lipoic acid and vitamin C
  • Made in USA under strict cGMP. 100% natural and potency guaranteed. Uses the highest, purest quality and most potent ingredients such as branded ingredients. Gluten free, no preservative, no additive, no flavour, no filler, no artificial.

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  1. James S.

    Felt better, quickly. I have a fatty liver and thought a liver support supplement might help it out.I started taking 2 capsules a day, one in the morning and one at night. I felt better the next day, more energetic. While the effect has now plateaued, I still I feel better taking these pills, than not.I stopped taking them for a few days as an experiment and felt more sluggish the very next day, so they do have a perceivable effect for me (YMMV).The pills were shipped rapidly and…

  2. josh van

    includes well rounded list of ingredients This product was well thought out. The ingredients support each other in one way or another for a common goal of cleaning and supporting the liver. Dandelion root is used for aiding digestion and some laxative effects. Burdock root is good for increasing urine flow, purifying the blood and liver disease. Yellow dock is also a blood purifier and a detoxifier. It also stimulates bile production. Turmeric is used for the digestive track, Jaundice, liver problems, gas and bloating. Milk Thistle is…

  3. LA

    Great Supplement to Detox Liver I’m not a drinker, but as I age I understand the importance of keeping my liver healthy and protected from toxins. This supplement provides lots of good vitamins including vitamin C, B-6, Folic Acid, and B-12, along with milk thistle, selenium, choline, turmeric, artichoke, and other herbs. As a vegetarian, I’m also glad the supplement is a vegetarian formula.This is a 30 day supply because you are to take two capsules a day. They are tasteless, and I’ve suffered no side effects…

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