Power of the Seed: Your Guide to Oils for Health & Beauty (Process Self-reliance Series)

Fixed oils play a large part in most all commercial beauty treatments. Power of the Seed offers instruction on how to use these oils to create topical skin care, cosmetics, and massage oils. Additionally, Susan M. Parker presents advice and in-depth information on the different types, sources, uses, and structures of these precious oils. Over ninety rare and common oils are comprehensively treated, along with suggestions on how readers can use them to create their own original “recipes.”

Power of the Seed is the newest release of Process Media’s popular Self-reliance Series that presents important DIY information in a visually enhanced easy-to-read and understand manner.

Susan M. Parker is the owner and founder of Solum & Herbe, a skincare company that uses a wide range of natural oils to create nourishing, natural personal care products.

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  1. Anonymous

    the new skin care blending bible in my collection. The Power of the Seed is an incredible reference book! It has so much information, and detail about so many different oils I never would have thought to use as a carrier or a base oil. It is great for beginners, to experienced aromatherapists, and massage therapists. I absolutely love how it is organized, and how oils can be found by use, application, fatty acid composition, sap values, botanical family, etc! It really a great reference for anyone who is looking to make their own skincare…

  2. Anonymous

    Excellent Resource for Carrier Oils Excellent! So glad a friend recommended this. I’ve counted over 85 carrier oils with lots of detail information on types of healing to use for-wound, skin, etc. Recipes, Skin Care, Massage, etc. But, the part I liked the best was the chemical analysis for these oils that I’ve spent so much time trying to find…and it’s all covered in this book. I actually took an on-line Aromatherapy Course for this, but can honestly say I’ve gotten more from Susan’s Book and all the details she has, than in…

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