Pleasurable Weight Loss: The Secrets to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Loving Your Life Today

No points. No calorie counting. Just trust pleasure and the wisdom of your body.


“The key to losing weight is not about enjoying less,” teaches Jena la Flamme, “it’s about enjoying more.” This revolutionary insight has allowed thousands of Jena’s students to lose weight without boring food plans, arduous rules, or punishing exercise. Why does it work? Because pleasure is the secret to switching off the stress triggers that are the real culprit behind emotional eating and weight gain. With Pleasurable Weight Loss, Jena invites you to discover to a graceful, feminine way for attaining the body of your dreams, featuring:


• Taking the “guilty” out of pleasure—why pleasure is a trustworthy and intelligent guiding force in your life

• Accessing your body’s wisdom—embracing your “animal nature” and turning your instincts and cravings into allies

• Discovering your “ideal ecology”—creating the right conditions for weight loss with your food choices, thoughts, and lifestyle

• Making it safe to be sexy—untangling the social and psychological issues of body image so you can feel good while looking your best

• Exercise, cooking, and savoring life—everyday tips and no-stress practices for liberating your natural radiance


How you feel about your body and how you relate with pleasure matters more than what you eat when it comes to successful, sustainable weight loss. With Pleasurable Weight Loss, Jena la Flamme brings you a comprehensive, life-changing approach that starts with your mind—helping you relax, build self-esteem, and develop a sense of joy and trust in your body. Filled with inspiration, recipes, and practical guidance for women of all ages and body types, here is a powerful guide for transforming your relationship with food and exercise—a natural, enjoyable, and lasting path for looking and feeling your best.

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  1. LOL

    unless you are good at releasing your demons I really don’t get it. While I agree that you need to find pleasure in eating and release yourself from societal pressures, this book could have been written in about 3 pages. Or just copy part of my last sentence. What is missing is telling people who really struggle with body and food issues how to release those feelings and experience pleasure. Some people just don’t know how to do this! The book basically tells you that if you don’t experience pleasure in everything you do, then you…

  2. Liz C.

    IF only it were THIS easy! Just forget all your eating/body image/weight issues; eat some chocolate slowly; and POOF, cu One of my pet peeves is when naturally skinny people (or people who lose 20 lbs one time in their life) try to tell people with actual weight or body image issues just how EASY it is (oh, and hey, now it’s PLEASURABLE) to lose weight. POOF! Gimme a break.To be fair, I do truly appreciate this author’s unique, lovely energy, and her attempts at conveying a positive message, but this book is NOT for people with significant weight loss goals, or people who have complex histories with…

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