Paradise Herbs Banaba Leaf Vegetarian Capsules, 60 Count(12:1 Concentrated potency)

Banaba leaf is naturally extracted using only the finest quality banaba leaves. Our standardized true spectrum extract provides active levels of corosolic acid. Concentrated in the balanced ratio nature intended. Without isolating. Fractionizing or using toxic solvents. Harsh chemicals or gases.

Product Features

  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • Supports a leaner and more slender body through appedtitie and sugar control
  • Capsule is 100% vegetarian with no fillers, binders or common allergens

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  1. C Bismuth

    Success at long last! I have now used this product for 4-6 weeks with great, consistent success and no noticeable side effects. My doctor told me that I needed to get my fasting blood sugar (FBS) under 100 about 15 months ago. I have been working on this problem ever since and nothing was working for me. Meanwhile, my FBS readings continued to creep ever higher! Finally learned about Banaba Leaf, did some research, ordered this product and voila! From almost the first dose, my FBS dropped almost 30 points. I…

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