Panel 2: Success Stories

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  1. Anonymous

    5 Stars for an amazing Desert Oasis! I love how I can watch these episodes at home on my big screen! They are so encouraging and uplifting. The testimonies are so transparent and I feel spurred on by the Weigh Down success stories. Gwen‘s words are absolutely inspiring! This intense weight loss seminar is easily one of my favorites resources from Weigh Down. I would rather watch these because they produce fruit in my life than other TV series. I am so grateful for Weigh Down and the Desert Oasis episodes that are on Amazon prime…

  2. Anonymous

    There Is Hope! Weighdown-Gods chosen way to permanent weight loss! From Weighdown and Gwen, I learned that: There are a ton of products and programs that promises weight loss or solutions to all your strongholds but there is only one program that have thousands of people with absolutely changed lives, and thousands and thousands of weight loss permanently, for 10, 15, 20 even 30 years. Only Weighdown using seminars like this 2018 Desert Oasis and bible studies that teaches how to reprogram our heart, mind and soul back to when we were created, when we’re young…

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