K-Beauty : The Facts: Korea’s Top Dermatologist Reveals the Insider Truth about Korean skincare (K-Beauty Series by Zisik Books)

The First K-Beauty Book Written by a DermatologistExplains Essential K-Beauty Skincare FactsBased on Scientific Studies and Cultural Analysis!Find out the answers you have been looking for about Korean Skincare!● Is Koreans’ 10-step skincare routine worth a try?● Why Koreans double-cleanse and why others don’t?● What does science say about K-beauty’s double-cleansing?● Why do Koreans love to exfoliate?● Are Korean sheet masks really effective?● Why do Koreans routinely apply sunscreen, while Americans and Europeans don’t?● Do Korean sunscreens work better than American sunscreens?About the Author : Hae Shin Chung, MD, PhD is one of the most renowned name in the field of cosmetic dermatology in South Korea. She belongs to the first generation dermatologists who pioneered in infusing aesthetical skin care with medical treatments. She worked on this book while she was at Harvard Medical School affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Dermatology as a visiting adjunct professor. She holds membership in the Korean Dermatologists Association and is an International member of American Academy of Dermatology.

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Master Self-Discipline with 7 Powerful Exercises: Daily Blueprint to Cure Procrastination, Laziness, and Develop Atomic Habits to Achieve Goals for Entrepreneurs, Weight Loss, and Success in 10 Days

Self-Discipline Secrets

You think your lack of willpower is why you always fail. You think it’s why you can’t lose weight, succeed as an entrepreneur, and procrastinate and waste your day. You think if only you had willpower like other people, life would be different. Everything would change.

But you are wrong.

Will isn’t something you have or don’t. It’s not genetic or gifted to you. It has to be developed. Strengthened like a muscle, built like an athlete from amateur to pro. It’s not about having the “right stuff.” This is about training.


  • Rediscover what it means to have self-discipline and the secrets to build it.
  • Train yourself to go from practically non-existent willpower to the will of a Navy Seal.
  • Build habits of enduring the hard parts until success becomes the ONLY response.
  • Amass an inner sense of fortitude that kicks down walls that try to limit you.
  • Finally remember how it feels to achieve your desires in everything you do.

Mental Toughness and True Grit

Navy Seals, Olympic athletes, the top one percent How did they get where they are? What’s the common thread that ties them all together? More importantly, what do they have that you don’t?

The one percent weren’t born that way. They didn’t inherit their worth. If you look into their past, you’ll find every single one of them was just like you.

Problems, weaknesses, poverty, prejudice.

Normal human beings with normal human flaws. But if they weren’t born great, and they didn’t inherit it. How did they do it? What powered them through all the hardship? The answer, an unbeatable mind. A mind most will never experience. I’m talking about self-discipline, mental toughness, true grit. I’m talking about a mindset you have to craft out of sweat, tears, and hard work.

  • How to take your mind from fragile to hardened steel so you can utilize the mind to its full potential.
  • The secret to gain Navy Seal levels of self-discipline in your life to become relentless.
  • A quick fix for emotional weakness that will create an unbeatable mind.
  • The proven 7 rules for success and the one simple trick to long-term perseverance.
  • The transformational technique used by athletes and elites to train their body and mind even when they have no gas left in the tank.

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Natural Factors, Vitamin D3 10000 IU, Supports Strong Bones, Teeth, and Muscle and Immune Function with Flaxseed Oil, 120 softgels (120 Servings)

Vitamin D3 is essential for strong bones and teeth as it increases the body’s absorption of calcium from food. Its role in regulating calcium levels also helps regulate the immune system and maintain healthy nerves and muscles. Vitamin D3 is carefully blended with organic flaxseed oil in an easy-to-swallow soft gel.

Product Features

  • STRONG BONES: Formulated to support healthy bones and teeth; An excellent source of 1000 IU vitamin D4
  • IMMUNE DEFENSE: Helps regulate the immune system and encourages healthy nerve and muscle function
  • ONCE DAILY: Simply take 1 tablet daily, with or without food or as directed by a health professional
  • CALCIUM ABSORPTION: Supports your body’s natural ability to absorb calcium from food
  • THIRD-PARTY CERTIFIED: Independently tested for GMOs and over 700 contaminants using advanced technology such as mass spectrometry to ensure purity and potency

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Cholesterol Formula (2 Pack) – Unique Blend of All-Natural Ingredients to Increase HDL & Lower LDL Levels | Supports Heart, Liver & Lungs | Cholesterol and Triglyceride Lowering Supplement

Your Body Deserves The Best
Provide your body with the tools it needs to run at it’s optimal level with GL Nutrition’s unique Cholesterol Formula. Our powerhouse formula combines a precise blend of essential, premium ingredients that are specifically developed to help optimize cholesterol levels. Unlike many competitors who use smaller combinations of less expensive ingredients, we use only the highest quality ingredients. Each batch manufactured is then 3rd party tested and must pass multiple different tests in order to ensure quality, purity, and efficiency.

Quality You Can Feel
Our products are formulated with top-tier ingredients in order to provide the highest level of effectiveness that you can truly feel. When taken daily, Cholesterol Formula has been clinically proven to help optimize HDL/LDL ratios for correct lipid profiles by raising your good HDL and lowering bad LDL simultaneously! Every ingredient in our proprietary formula supports a different essential function and when they are all combined, they work harmoniously to create one of the most effective supplements you can take to improve and maintain optimal levels of cholesterol.

Who We Are
Everyday, GL Nutrition aims to bring the same quality that is expected from the largest nationwide chains, at a price that is affordable to everyone. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality, lab tested, and 3rd party verified supplements that improve people’s quality of life & overall health. With an exceptional customer service and a strong history of providing quality supplements at competitive prices, we would love the chance to serve you.
All products backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee.
GL Nutrition – The Best is Now Affordable.

Product Features

  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Unlike many of the other cholesterol products available, our unique Cholesterol Formula features the highest quality 100% natural, vegan, and gluten free ingredients. Precisely formulated with Niacin 50mg, Gugulipid, Cayenne, Garlic Herb Powder, Plant Sterol Complex, Policosanol
  • MOST EFFECTIVE FORMULA TO REDUCE CHOLESTEROL: When taken daily, Cholesterol Formula has been proven optimize your HDL/LDL ratios for correct lipid profiles by raising your good HDL levels (“good cholesterol”) and lowering your bad LDL levels (“bad cholesterol”) both at the same time. Also works to improve Triglyceride/HDL ratio simultaneously.
  • WORKS 100% NATURALLY: Our proprietary formula is designed to lower cholesterol using all natural ingredients that focus on fixing the underlying causes of high cholesterol, rather than simply trying to mask the negative symptoms.
  • 3RD PARTY TESTED: Each batch is made in the USA and required to be triple checked to ensure quality, safety, and potency. This allows you the piece of mind that you are only taking the highest quality supplements.
  • 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are so confident in our product that we offer a no questions asked, money back guarantee! Give it a try for no risk today.

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Health Concerns – Woman’s Balance – Bupleurum and Peony Formula Chinese Herbal Supplement – Dan Zhi Xiao Yao Wan – PMS Support – with Bupleurum Root – 270 Tablets per Bottle

Woman�s Balance encourages treatment of many of the symptoms of PMS using traditional Chinese medicine.

Product Features

  • Health Concerns – Woman’s Balance – 270 Tablets
  • TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE: Health Concerns is at the leading edge of research in herbal medicine and is known for bringing the centuries of knowledge amassed in the Chinese herbal tradition to the West.

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How to Have Naturally Healthy Cholesterol Levels: the best book on essentials on how to lower bad LDL & boost good HDL via foods/diet, medications, exercise & knowing cholesterol myths for clarity

“Tens of Thousands are Dying and Suffering Regularly for Being Clueless about Cholesterol and the Myths Being Perpetrated”

(Get the kindle version FREE if you buy the paperback version)

Suffering from unhealthy or high cholesterol levels? In the USA alone, nearly a hundred million are suffering from uncontrolled, high cholesterol.

The thing is, the average person can’t distinguish cholesterol myth from facts. They may even be over dependent on dangerous Statin drugs along with their side effects. They undermine the value of other treatment modalities to manage cholesterol.

High cholesterol levels are poor predictors for a heart attack. This means we have to have better clarity in understanding what cholesterol truly is. It’s not a simple manner of just eliminating cholesterol from our diets.

There are good and bad cholesterol! There are a countless number of ways to manage one’s cholesterol levels and that is what we will be exploring today, in depth. Along with conventional medications? You’re going to learn how to lower cholesterol naturally through overall lifestyle changes such as exercise, diets, knowing which foods lower cholesterol and which foods to avoid completely.

The bottom line is after you’ve read this book? You’ll have the ability to take full charge of your health, control your cholesterol levels and be protected for life!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Chapter 1: Getting to know cholesterol
  • How much do you know about cholesterol?
  • What are low-density and high-density lipoproteins?
  • Your liver and cholesterol
  • Is there such a thing as good cholesterol?
  • Is bad cholesterol really bad?
  • Reasons why you need cholesterol in your body
  • Serious health conditions associated with high cholesterol levels
  • Assessing your risks
  • Knowing the numbers
  • Other risk factors to note
  • Physical tests to determine cholesterol levels
  • Chapter 2: Eat and live your way to better health
  • How fit should you be?
  • Making lifestyle changes: it’s easier than you think
  • Count the calories
  • Make sure you get adequate vitamins and minerals
  • Come up with a scrumptious menu
  • Stay positive and proactive
  • Sweat it out!
  • Calories and exercise
  • How hard should you be exercising?
  • Kickstarting your road to better health and fitness
  • What makes a good fitness program?
  • Ditching your vices for longer life
  • Chapter 3: Knowing your partners in fighting cholesterol
  • What you should know about supplements
  • Essential vitamins and nutrients for lowering cholesterol
  • Prescription medications and their side effects
  • Your Top 10 go-to websites for tips
  • Chapter 4: Myth busters
  • Chapter 5: Food is life

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Music Volume 3 – Herb Alpert Reimagines The Tijuana Brass

On his new album, Music Volume 3 – Herb Alpert Reimagines The Tijuana Brass, the beloved and prolific trumpeter Herb Alpert returns to some of his most iconic songs and transforms them with brand new arrangements, recordings, and modern production. Alpert takes material he made famous in the 1960s and infuses it with the style and musicianship that is still earning him accolades after decades of recording and performing. Get ready to hear “A Taste Of Honey”, “Whipped Cream”, “The Lonely Bull”, and many more as you’ve never heard them before!

Product Features

  • Shrink-wrapped

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My Skincare Routine Journal: Monthly Planning, Doodling, Bullet Journaling, Goals, & Inspiration, Beauty Routine, Skin Care Tracker

Keep track of morning and evening skin care routine for beautiful and healthy skin.Track your favorite beauty products in both day and night routine tables for you to make quick notes on what products to use and when to use them.Containing 10 daily habits for beautiful and healthy skin.Find more Little Secrets Journals here: https://amzn.to/2X348Rw

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The Vitamin D Miracle: How to Cure Common Health Problems and Have Optimal Health (FREE BOOK OFFER INCLUDED) (Vitamin D Solution, Vitamin D Treatment, Natural Lifestyle) (Volume 1)


You’re about to discover how to have optimal health and cure numerous common health issues simply by getting more of a simple vitamin in your life. Did you know that about 75% of teens and adults living in the United States are greatly deficient in vitamin D which is causing them all sorts of health problems? So if you are reading this then more than likely you are deficient and have health issues because of it. You have been told over and over again by the media that sun exposure is dangerous for you but you are not being told the entire truth until now. I strongly encourage you to get educated on this subject so you can take some very simple measures in your daily life to live healthier and happier. The symptoms of being deficient of vitamin D seem endless. Here are just a few of the common symptoms related to vitamin D deficiency that you might have: fatigue, cramps, joint pain, weight gain, high blood pressure, restless sleep, headaches, and constipation. More than likely you have several of those symptoms on a regular basis and just assume that it is normal. If that’s not bad enough being deficient in vitamin D can also lead to much more serious issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, deep depression and even cancer. The more you dig into the statistics on this topic the more alarming it becomes. If you want better health in a very short period of time then read this book and get educated. You will see just how easy it can be to live a better life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Vitamin D Deficiency A Global Epidemic
  • The Role Of Vitamin D In Your Body
  • The Effects Of Vitamin D Deficiency
  • Population Groups Prone To Vitamin D Deficiency
  • Vitamin D Deficiency And Geographic Location
  • Best Sources of Vitamin D
  • Diagnosis of Vitamin D Deficiency
  • Treatment Of Vitamin D Deficiency
  • Much, much more!

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Check Out What Others Are Saying…

“I was totally stunned to find out so many people in this country are deficient in vitamin D. I also had no idea of the health problems it causes and how you can be in serious trouble if you remain deficient. Why have I not heard much about this before? The media sure does do a good job telling you to stay out of the sun which now seems ridiculous to hear after reading this book. I completely enjoyed all the information I received from reading this and will be making some changes for the better of my health going forward. Keep spreading the word about vitamin d!” Mark P (Madison, WI) “This book opened my eyes to so much about health and my body. I loved the information the book gave me. I am super excited to see what this info can do for my health now that I know that I was probably deficient in vitamin d for a really long time. Thanks for writing this book!” Tasha G (Chicago, IL) Tags: Vitamin D, Vitamin D3, Vitamin D Cure, Vitamin D Miracle, Vitamin D Deficiency, Vitamin D Diet, Vitamin D Solution, D3, Diet, Solution, Cure, Deficiency, Health, Rickets, Sun Exposure, Cancer, Healthy Living, Vitamins, Vitamin D Revolution

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Weight Management Formula 2oz

INDICATIONS For improving weight loss efforts by temporarily relieving increased appetite or cravings, occasional headache, and irritability due to a restricted diet.* INGREDIENTS Serving Size: 10 Drops Active Ingredients: Garcinia cambogia 2X Cina 3X Fucus vesiculosus 3X Alpha lipoicum acidum 3X Alpha lipoicum acidum 6X Alpha lipoicum acidum 12X Ammonium carbonicum 6X Anacardium orientale 6X Oleander 6X Phosphorus 6X Staphysagria 6X Cell salt combination (cell salts 1-12) 6X Cell salt combination (cell salts 1-12) 12X Cell salt combination (cell salts 1-12) 30X Hypothalamus 6X Hypothalamus 12X Hypothalamus 30X Pituitary 6X Pituitary 12X Pituitary 30X Thyroid 6X Thyroid 12X Thyroid 30X Antimonium crudum 8X Ammonium bromatum 12X Lycopodium clavatum 12X Calcarea carbonica 30X Olive flower essence 30X Base Ingredients: 20% ethanol, purified water. Gluten Free Glandular Hypoallergenic Recommended Dosage: Place drops under tongue 30 minutes before/after meals. Adults and children 12 years and over: Take 10 drops up to 3 times per day. Consult a physician for use in children under 12 years of age. System Categories: Condition & Symptom Remedies, Endocrine/Metabolic System, Supplements, Endocrine/Metabolic System, Obesity/Weight Management, Carbohydrate Metabolism and Obesity/Weight Management Body Systems: Endocrine/Metabolic System, Carbohydrate Metabolism and Obesity/Weight Management

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CardioCheck Blood Testing Device kit with 6ct HDL 6ct Triglyceride 6ct Total Cholesterol 18ct Pipettes and 18ct Lancets

CardioChek Deluxe ST Kit measures total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides, and glucose.

Kit includes:

  • 1 analyzer
  • 2 boxes of 3 total cholesterol test strips with MEMoChip
  • 2 boxes of 3 HDL test strips with MEMoChip
  • 2 boxes of 3 triglyceride test strips with MEMoChip
  • 18 lancets
  • 18 capillaries

Product Features

  • Includes CardioChek analyzer, 6 Total Cholesterol strips, 6 HDL Cholesterol strips, 6 Triglyceride strips
  • 18-lancets, 18-capillary tubes
  • CLIA waived for home use.
  • Results in 3-5 minutes per strip
  • CardioChek analyzer is required to use the test strips

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Body: How to Have Permanent Weight-Loss Success for a More Confident and Happier You!

Is your weight a constant struggle and a source of emotional pain? • Do you have patterns of undisciplined eating because the food tastes so good?• When you are stressed, do you resort to food for comfort and relief?• Are you prone to binge eating or compulsive eating?• Have you lost weight, but sadly gained it back and then some?• Do you have food struggles to manage anxiety, boredom, stress, or anger?Bestselling author Wendy Higdon has the answers for you. She has successfully managed her weight for over 55 years after struggling with weight as a child and teenager. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist, helping hundreds of people with their problems, including weight issues. And she can help you, too!This is not your typical weight-loss book! Discover the secrets to break the chains of years of emotional eating and finally be free of frustration, failure, self-loathing, and yo-yo dieting once and for all.While the market is full of books on dieting and weight loss, Change Your Mind, Change Your Body helps you navigate your weight loss efforts to create a new healthy lifestyle. If you’re tired of repeating the same unhealthy eating patterns and want to find self-compassion for failures in your weight-loss journey, this book is the practical guide for you!In Change Your Mind, Change Your Body, you will:• Address excuses and take responsibility to change your lifestyle choices.• Learn about your pain points that cause you to be mired in comfort eating.• Change your mindset about losing weight and keeping it off.• Learn to deal with triggers and sabotaging behaviors by yourself and others.• Create new habits, in dealing with stress, getting enough sleep, and exercising.This down-to-earth guide will be your cheerleader and source of motivation and inspiration as you take on your battle with weight to help you seize the victory once and for all!Follow the well-laid out instructions in this book, and you will see benefits in no time that will last a lifetime!Scroll up and purchase Change Your Mind, Change Your Body TODAY!

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Dr. Christopher’s Original Formulas Kidney Formula Capsules, 475 mg, 100 Count (Pack of 2)

Product Features

  • A synergistic blend of herbs for the urinary system
  • Kidney health is important for the overall homeostasis of our body
  • Supports the urinary system, specifically kidney & bladder health
  • Dietary supplement
  • Pure 100% vegetable based capsule

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