Nerve Support Formula for the Nutritional Support of Peripheral Neuropathy and Nerve Pain Relief, 120 Capsules

There are many causes of unhealthy nerves. Unhealthy nerves can affect the feet, legs, hands and arms, and they can occur on both sides of the body. They can create lack of balance and coordination. Regular vitamin B1 and vitamin B12 cannot be readily utilized by the body. NOW, A REAL SOLUTION – The RHP Nerve Support Formula is a unique combination of B vitamins, which includes more bioavailable forms of vitamin B1 and vitamin B12, and in sufficient dosage to provide your body with the nutritional support it needs to get relief. Evidence indicates these special forms of B1 – benfotiamine and B12 – Methylcobalamin are better absorbed and used more efficiently by the body. A bottle containing 120 capsules is $44.20. As part of your purchase, you can contact a Product Consultant at any time about any questions regarding the use of the RHP Nerve Support Formula and how to get the best results.

Product Features

  • Used By Thousands who have Neuropathy, Nerve Damage or Nerve Pain for Over 10 Years to Help Build Healthy Nerves
  • Safely and Effectively Experience Relief
  • Increases the Nutritional Support to the Nervous System of the Body

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  1. Celery

    decent product, annoying sales tactics While I’m not sure if this product helped me, it didn’t hurt me. I didn’t have a miraculous recovery from using it over three months, but it may have supported my body on some level. I realize this is typical of many supplements – some people have fantastic results, while others have varied shades of success.However, the most notable thing about buying this product is that it comes with a support staff who email, snail mail and call at an alarmingly constant rate in order to try to get…

  2. Mount N View

    PLEASE GIVE THIS A TRY! I have had numbness in my fingers for about a year and it got progressively worse. My arms, hands, lower legs and feet had prickling sensation. I sometimes felt like my arms and hands were covered in ice. My sleep was frequently disrupted by the tingling sensation. My hands and feet were frequently cold to the touch. After going to the doctor’s, having blood tests, being tested for carpal tunnel, and then going to a neurologist, I was diagnosed with neuropathy. I didn’t want to believe I…

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