Nature Made Prenatal Multi Vitamin Value Size, Tablets, 250-Count

Nature Made Prenatal Multi Tablet is a complete multi citamin/mineral with key vitamins and minerals necessary for the good health of pregnant and lactating women.

Product Features

  • Rich in high Folic Acid content
  • Contains Iron and Zinc to help provide healthy fetus
  • Vitamin D for bone health of both Mother and fetus.

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  1. Rachel & Bryan

    Best Prenatal Around I am a pharmacist (BA in chemistry and Doctorate in pharmacy) and I spent a TON of time researching prenatals. I mean a TON. I was on drug databases that I have access to at work, read through forums on baby websites and this prenatal is the best that I could come across.This prenatal vitamin (PNV) was the only brand that I could find that was USP certified- thus meaning, it passes a dissolution test which proves that the vitamins contained within the PNV will be available for your…

  2. Ro25

    glad I bought these by mistake! Go with these, seriously. I had intended to purchase vitamins due to some online research. A friend actually recommended however I decided to go with a separate DHA supplement (…

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