Nature Made Cholest-Off 240 cplts

Nature Made Cholest-Off 240 cplts

Product Features

  • Lowers cholesterol naturally and may reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Clinically proven to reduce LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and total cholesterol
  • Helps Support Cardiovascular Health
  • All Natural
  • A generous 240 Caplets size

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  1. Anonymous

    Cholesterol went down 50+ points in 10 weeks I’m a 54 year old healthy woman, 5’3 140 pounds but my cholesterol, which has always run over 200, had gradually risen up to 286. A doctor had put me on lipitor and within less than 2 weeks my legs hurt, I was lethargic, and quit taking them as that is no way to live. I began taking 2 of these once a day and I cut out red meat. It is now down to 230 in 10 weeks. I had it checked by a fasting blood test both times and my new doctor said whatever I was doing to keep doing it! There have been…

  2. Anonymous

    Lowered my cholesterol 60+ points! My cholesterol has been borderline high for a 3-4 years. My doctor wanted to put me on statins but I refused and figured there had to be a better way. I came across this product, and also red yeast rice supplements, and read the reviews before deciding to try them for myself. I started taking them both in March 2017 every morning and evening. I got my latest blood results back at the beginning of June, and my cholesterol levels have dropped down into the normal range!In 2014 my…

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