My Own Best Ally: A Weight Loss Story for the Rest of Us

My Own Best Ally will help you:

  • Jumpstart a healthy lifestyle using food and exercise you enjoy
  • Improve your mindset to achieve effective weight loss
  • Change limiting habits, which can be helpful for beginners as well as clients of personal trainers
  • Learn how the author lost 80 pounds and kept it off

Valerie Johnson changed her brain from her biggest enemy to her best ally to lose 80 pounds and keep it off, and this book shows you how. She was frustrated watching overweight people get dismissed because they didn’t follow a diet and exercise plan, instead of taking the time to understand their personalities. My Own Best Ally helps readers find diet and exercise changes that work for them, and use their traits to their own advantage. All too often weight loss books tell people what to do, not how to do it, and don’t really address food cravings. My Own Best Ally takes cravings and other habits head-on and shows how she actually dealt with them successfully.

Also included are simple recipes, meal and exercise ideas.

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  1. Anonymous

    One thing that I really enjoyed about this success story was the notion that it’s … This is a great weight-loss success story from a former neighbor whom I have remained in contact. It is a very personal account of one woman’s weight-loss and lifestyle journey of going from being overweight and pre-diabetic to slimming down and losing all of her pre-diabetic symptoms through a dramatic but successful change in diet and exercise. She succeeded by researching different options of how to change her eating habits (and, of course, what to eat and what to avoid), improving cognitive…

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