Mind Over Fatter: The Psychology Of Weight Loss

Do you struggle with managing your weight? Do you wonder why most diets fail? Mind Over Fatter will give you hope, along with practical advice, about how to lose weight. You will also learn how small behavioral changes can work for you. Your journey will be unique, and no single approach to changing habits is going to work for everyone. In this book you will find valuable, practical information and strategies to help you lose weight and live your best, healthy lifestyle. Mind Over Fatter cuts through the clutter of fads, fiction, and fallacies of the diet industry and delivers a recipe of healthy ingredients for long-term successful weight loss. Best-selling author Greg Justice reveals what 30+ years in the fitness industry and years of psychological research has shown to be the most effective ways to lose weight and keep it off. You’ll learn more about… * The Diet Craze and Crazy Dieting—Our Preoccupation with Diet and Weight * Dealing with Body Dissatisfaction * Physical vs. Emotional Hunger—Are You Living to Eat, or Eating to Live? * Preparing for the Journey * Goal Setting * Best Practices—Which Approach is Right for You? * Strategies for Controlling Your Emotional Triggers and Stress Overeating * Lifestyle Changes in Food and Nutrition * Lifestyle Changes: Activities and Exercise * Keeping It Off and Staying Healthy • And much more! If you’ve ever struggled to stay motivated on your journey to permanent weight loss, this book will guide you each step of the way.

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  1. A.Cruz

    Get up to date on why you do what you do in your weight loss journey. In Mind Over Fatter, Greg Justice gives the consumer and the personal training industry insights into the psyche of weight loss. He give you the pertinent points and doesn’t waste time with superfluous information. I loved the quick access to the information.The bottom line is this book was designed to give you a complete overview and understanding about how we think about weight loss and our health.What this book is not:- It is not a text book.- It is…

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