MedOp MaxiVision® Whole Body Formula – 120 Capsules, 3 Bottles

MedOp MaxiVision® Whole Body Formula – 120 Capsules, 3 Bottles

Product Features

  • Highest-quality eye vitamin + multivitamin together in one convenient, affordable supplement
  • The specific nutrient blend the National Eye Institute’s AREDS2 research used to benefit aging eyes
  • Highest-potency Lutein and Zeaxanthin on the market (for macular pigment optical density)
  • Highest-quality ingredients — including Natural-source Vitamin E and a proprietary blend of antioxidants
  • 20 years ocular health experience.

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  1. Anonymous

    Floaters, Flashes, Oh My! No one tells you as you get older that it is normal for the vitreous gel part of your inner eye to begin to dissolve causing floaters and that it typically happens gradually so you may not pay much attention to it. But there are some, like my husband, whose vitreous decides to do it all at once. Now this can cause big black floaters, pulls on the retina and may cause one to see flashes of light in a totally dark room or it can even detach your retina. You see a bunch of floaters all of a…

  2. Anonymous

    I AM SOLD ON MAXI VISION WHOLE BODY VITAMIN A friend of mine told me about Maxi-Vision– she knew I have Macular Degeneration (wet type) in both eye’s- We purchased this product from her eye Doctor– Then I found I could buy it from Amazon which is so easy for me to order and have it delivered at my door. As I worked for a Doctor thirty four years I know that some OTC med’s can cause problems in the stomach. NOT SO WITH MAXI-VISION– I have taken this vitamin for over three years– and at the age of (78) on Jan 31st. ) I…

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